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Mountaintop View 9-3-18

LOTS of stuff happened this weekend.

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

What an eventful Week 1. Victories and disappointing defeats came on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Here’s some chatter from before, during, and after the games that took place.

Second game, same result for Rainbow Warriors.

A big passing attack. Lots of gaudy stats. No defense and letting the other team back into the game. But big (offensive) play after play to seal the win. Hawaii is now 2-0. Granted their tougher games are still to come and teams will now be expecting them. But Hawaii is relevant this season and the conference is better for it.

Rypien out to cement his legacy.

Brett Rypien’s career has certainly contained its up and down moments. He’s focused on finishing his career strong and coaches are saying he’s right where he needs to be. If Saturday was any indication, he’s off to a good start.

Make way for the Turnover Throne.

You’ve probably heard by now, but the latest gimmick for college football defenses who force a turnover was unveiled on Saturday. Turnover belts/chains were so last year. Turnover bikes were so fall camp. Now it’s a turnover throne. The Broncos defense has been bestowed with the name “Kings of Chaos” and they were rotating kings quite a few times against Troy.

Takeaways from the SJSU loss.

Vic recaps the game and provides some takeaways for us, These includes that Aaron should’ve started the game (instead he was the 3rd QB to enter for the Spartans), Nevins looked good before he got hurt and if he plays again should be a focal point in the offense. Also, the defense was porous and it will all probably get worse before it (hopefully) gets better.

Guaranteed games pay out.

A nice write up on a big part of September college football; small schools getting a nice pay day to travel to a big school, get destroyed, and go about their merry way. This season’s total will be over $175 million. The whole list is worth the read, but here are some MWC highlights for this week. UNLV gets $1.25 million from USC. Utah State got $1.4 million and almost pulled off the win to boot. SJSU paid $400k to lose to UC-Davis, so they lost twice.

On the horizon:

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  • Later today: Week 1 Mountain West Connection Power Rankings, plus offensive and defensive players of the week.
  • Later today: Our Game of the Week Recap and Voting.
  • Coming Tuesday: The Week 1 Good/Bad/Ugly. See where your team or players ended up.
  • Coming Tuesday: A brand new feature debuts: MWC Meets NFL.