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This Week in the MWC: 9-29-18

Your Mountain West week in review

NCAA Football: Eastern Michigan at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Top Stories:

  • Rams are opening up a QB competition. While a move like this isn’t uncommon in a 1-4 start, the quarterback play of KJ is NOT the problem. Defense is part of the problem. The running game is part of the problem. Special teams have been part of the problem. But the passing game and the quarterback is not the problem. However, here we are.
  • The Aztecs have been very, very unlucky on the injury front. They looked like they could tread water after QB Chapman went out. He’s a battle-tested senior, but it’s a run-first/run-second offense. That became a problem last week when RB Washington got hurt and is now out for 6 weeks as well. It’s not a fun storyline, but it will be an interesting one to see how they press on from here.


Who’s Hot:

  • Unknown Quarterback situations: We discussed the Rams up above. New Mexico is also not quite clear about how many quarterbacks will be playing in the game. Air Force of course has been the OG of multiple quarterbacks this year, with a few seeing action.
  • 3 game win streaks: Both Utah State and San Diego State have won their last three games after losing their openers to Power 5 teams.... I believe those are the only MWC teams that can say that.
  • Bye-weeks: It seems like EVERY Mountain West team is on bye either last weekend or this weekend. While that isn’t quite true, it is mostly true. (5 teams last week, 4 this week).

Who’s Not:

  • Nevada’s defense: It’s hard to win when you allow 63 points. Their offense looked great, especially the RBs, but the defense has to show up to games to help them out.
  • San Diego State’s health: The big one here is star RB Juwan Washington, which comes after the last big one at QB. Along with those, they have also had injuries at WR, FB, and on the defense. Bubble wrap the remaining guys from Thursday until game time from now on!
  • Just the MWC in general: Not every team played last week, but most of the ones didn’t inspire much confidence. Hawaii and SDSU won, but kept it closer than they should’ve. Nevada lost a shout-out. UNLV lost a close one. Utah State won, but that means Air Force lost (I know, conference play doesn’t really count). Then there is the dumpster fire that is 2018 Colorado State, losing to FCS Illinois State.


Putting words together in ways no one has before.

  • “He’s a converted walk-on.”

Like last week, we have a mini gold mind in a short video clip:

He’s a modern day philosopher.

  • “BUDDDY... Great deeds start with belief boys.”

He loves the dramatic.... pauses.

  • “MAANNNN... was that an upset.... of historic proportion.”

He likes to change his mind.

  • “This Virginia Tech team did not show up to play.” This is something everyone says. However, during the game, when both teams were going back and forth, at one point he said “Both teams showed up to play today Carter.” Well which is it??? (Hint: both teams did in fact actually come to the game and played in it).