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Mountain West Power Rankings: Week 4

Where does your favorite team rank?

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Remember after week three when the Mountain West had an overall good week, and the entire conference was looking up? Well, that moment is gone, and week four brought the MW back to Earth. Here are your power rankings after week four.

  1. Boise State - Boise had a BYE, and boy did it ever need one after getting whooped by Oklahoma State. The week off didn’t really do BSU’s strength of schedule any favors though as it watch the Cowboys get obliterated on Saturday. If Boise is going to accomplish its biggest goal this seas (NY6 Bowl) it is going to have to do it on their own. They will not be able to rely on a strong SOS, they have to win out - plain and simple.
  2. Fresno State - Fresno is still riding high from their beat down of Ucla. You want to know something that bothers me about the Bruins? Ucla is doesn't capitalize all the letter in its abbreviation... That annoys me. Anyway, with recent injuries to the SDSU Aztecs, the Bulldogs seemingly have a clear path to the MW title game, but many games are won on paper and lost on the field. Can the Bulldogs hold up?
  3. Utah Sate - Yes I am ranking the Aggies ahead of the Aztecs. Don’t like it? Write your own article. Utah State took care of Air Force 42-32. Pro: They won, and they scored 42. Con: They allowed 32 to Air Force. I still think the Aggies could be primed to pull off a big upset this year, but their defense is going to have to perform better if they want to make that a reality.
  4. San Diego State - Phew...That was a close one. A loss to Eastern Michigan would have been bad, like really bad, almost as bad as Colorado State losing to... Actually we will get to that later. SDSU may still be the third best team in this conference but with injuries to key stars piling up and recent struggles I dropped them one spot. They will have their chance to prove me wrong very soon.
  5. Hawaii - Ok, it looked sketchy for a while, but Hawaii eventually put it on the adjust glasses Dukes from Duquesne. McDonald finally threw an interception (had to happen right?) and once again the Bow’s youth and inexperience seemed to be their fatal flaw, but their talent eventually won out. It looks like Hawaii is on track to be bowl eligible this year. A lot can happen between now and then, but I think we are looking at a 7 win team when we are all said and done.
  6. Wyoming - Wyoming got to take the week off to prepare for Boise State, so technically they dropped a spot, but don’t read too much into it. Wyoming can become everyone’s (outside of Boise) favorite Mountain West team this next weekend if they knock off Boise State. Don’t hold your breath, however, over the past decade or so Wyoming hasn’t scored more than 17 points against BSU, and they are going to need much more than 17 if they are going to try and beat Rypien and company. Don’t forget Brett Rypien, even in a loss to Ok State, look phenomenal. Good luck, Cowboys.
  7. Nevada - Ouch. Nevada basically met a better version of itself in Toledo. I won’t hold it against the Pack too much though, they weren’t supposed to win that game, and they didn't. Nevada has the chance to be prolific on offense eventually (if their staff can stick around long enough) but they are going to have to find a way to stop someone, anyone on defense, though.
  8. UNLV - The Rebs gave it their best effort against Arkansas State just falling short this past weekend and to be honest I like the way that they are trending. I was half expecting UNLV to be a complete tire fire this season, and they are proving to have a lot of heart. Maybe this program is something to be reckoned with in two years?

Everyone Else* - I swear I almost put SJSU in its own spot this week. They didn’t lose (because they didn't play) and they didn’t cause the conference the most embarrassment. Did you see the asterisk on “everyone else”? That is because while the rest of the conference is basically tied for last. I am saving last for an individual team.

Colorado State - WHAT IN GOODNESS’ NAME WAS THAT?!?! Colorado State lost to the Illinois State Red Birds?! THE RED BIRDS?!?!?!?!? Not only did they lose, but they got boat raced. It wasn’t even close. Are the Rams the worst team in the conference, I don’t know probably not, but I really don’t care. If you lose to a team called the Red Birds, you go to the back of the line. Them’s the rules.

Ok, so there you have it. Your newest power rankings for the Mountain West according to yours truly. If you disagree (you probably do) just go ahead and tell me about it in the comments.