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This Week in the MWC: 9-22-18

It’s time to recap the news of the week. Plus, Aaron Taylor is Derek Zoolander?

Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament - Championship - San Diego State v New Mexico Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Game Day again. As you are getting ready to watch some games or when you have some time during breaks in the action, review this week in the Mountain West right here.

Top Stories:

With so many teams on bye weeks, stories have been a bit hard to come by. The main news seems to be teams trying to get healthy (Wyoming), or seeing who can turn around their season (Colorado State, Air Force, New Mexico).

But, make sure you check out Zach’s article about If the MWC needs saving or not.


Who’s Hot:

  • Teams coming off loses: Fresno State and San Diego State rebounded in big ways this past week, with each of them knocking off a PAC-12 team.
  • Teams that start with U: Which means Utah State and UNLV. Yes, they have been feasting on some lower level competition, but they are feasting!

Who’s Not:

  • (Former) Undefeated Teams: Hawaii and Boise State both lost last weekend.
  • Boise State’s offensive line: They apparently forgot (how to) do their main job: block people.


This week, I assume he did the SDSU/Arizona State game. However, I could not find a link to that game. HOWEVER, I did watch this youtube link from a few weeks ago that previews the season. Even though it’s less than two-minutes, it’s filled with great stuff.

He’s got a nickname:

  • Aaron Taylor is the Derek Zoolander of College Football I guess?

When he gets all existential on us:

  • “Do you ever get the feeling that football misses us as we miss it?”

When he doesn’t understand how academics work:

  • “A lot of teams have gotten so good, they’ve graduated players.”