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Looking into the future: Boise State Stats

How would some BSU players finish if they continued at their current pace?

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

As the bye week has progressed, I have been looking though Boise State’s stats from this year and previous years and I have come to some interesting conclusions. See what I have learned below:

  • Boise State has not had more than seven players catch a touchdown since the Fiesta Bowl season of 2014. This year, seven players have caught touchdown passes through three games.
  • Through three games, Brett Rypien has thrown for 1047 yards and 10 touchdowns. If he continued at the pace:

12 games: 4188 yards, 40 touchdowns

13 games: 4537 yards, 43 touchdowns

14 games: 4886 yards, 47 touchdowns

The school record for yards in a season is 4,356 (Ryan Dinwiddie)

The school record for touchdowns in a season is 43 (Kellen Moore)

  • The school record for yards in a career is 14,667 (Moore). If Boise State played a 14 game season and Rypien continued at his current pace, he would finish his career with 14,762 yards. I think this one is a long shot, but interesting nonetheless.
  • Some interesting stats for receivers:

12 game projections

Sean Modster: 68 catches, 1,188 yards

AJ Richardson: 48 catches, 800 yards

John Hightower: 40 catches, 712 yards

CT Thomas: 52 catches, 592 yards

  • Rushing projections are not so encouraging

12 games

Alexander Mattison: 156 carries, 896 yards

  • Projections are a little harder to do with defense, but here are a few:

Deandre Pierce: 72 tackles

Durrant Miles: 12 sacks

Jabril Frazier: 8 sacks

Shout out to for always keep the record book updated.

Hope you guys enjoyed some bye week stats. I will update these after game six.