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What you need to know for SDSU vs Eastern Michigan

NCAA Football: Arizona State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The final game of the opening home stand for the SDSU Aztecs is here as the Eastern Michigan Eagles come into SDCCU Stadium for a 7:30 kickoff on Saturday night.

The Eagles so far this season:

51 - 17 win vs Monmouth

20 - 19 win at Perdue

35 - 28 loss at Buffalo

And here is a quick rundown of how the Aztecs should match up with them.


Reasons for optimism: Both Juwan Washington and Chase Jasmin had over 100 yards and a score last week so it’s safe to say that the run game is being executed at a high level right now. This could play in the form of breaking off big runs early to open a lead or as a domination of time of possession but either way the Aztec offense and run game should be in the drivers seat for the tempo and outcome of the game.

Cause for concern: They run a 4 - 3 and have decently fast linebackers that could potentially limit the short pass game and allow for Eastern Michigan to pack the box and try to have extra help in stopping the run.

Key Stat: 100 yards. Should be safe to say that if any running back on the Aztec roster breaks the century mark for the game this should be a win.

Wildcard: Ryan Agnew. Can he steal some of the show and make more confident passes to receivers in tight windows, he could steal some of the spotlight.


Reasons for optimism:

So far this season the Aztecs have given up 148 rushing yards in three games, which ranks them as the fourth best run defense in all of college football. When the run game gets shut down early this can have trickle down help for the passing game when the Aztec’s front seven can translate the

Cause for concern: Eastern Michigan has shown an affinity to throwing the deep ball and that has been the Achilles heel for the SDSU defense this season. While it may not be full blown panic time this game could stay way too close for comfort late because of the Eagles passing game.

Key Stat: Sacks. Saturday should feature a lot of passing and blitzing so look for constant pressure all night to translate in to a big statical night.

Wildcard: Can the SDSU defense find a way to score? A pic 6 could go a long way to boost confidence in an at times questionable secondary.


SDSU wins 42 - 24