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Week Three Bowl Projections

The Mountain West might have limited options come December

NCAA Football: Arizona State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Each week members of the Mountain West Connection team will be completing bowl projections. With the lack of bowl tie-ins for the Mountain West, some of these bowl projections required quite a bit of research. We will start with the obvious Mountain West tie-ins and then things get interesting.

Zach: After the loss, I still think Boise State has a good shot at an NY6 game, but they need a few teams in the AAC to lose. Until all three of those teams lose, I can’t project them there. I’m dropping down to six bowl teams. Looks like it might be tough sledding for some teams from the Mountain.

Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State vs. Cal

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Western Kentucky

New Mexico Bowl: Fresno State vs. Marshall

Arizona Bowl: San Diego State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Potato Bowl: UNLV vs. Western Michigan

Cactus Bowl: Utah State vs. Iowa State

Matt: Back to 6 bowl teams with Fresno State’s loss to Minnesota, and UNLV subbing in for Nevada. USU joins us instead of Wyo

Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State v. Washington State

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii v. FIU

New Mexico Bowl: Fresno State v. Marshall

Arizona Bowl: UNLV v. Arkansas State

Potato Bowl: Utah State v. Buffalo

Heart of Dallas Bowl: San Diego State v. Iowa

FatDuckUW: I’ll stick with the same projection as last week for MWC teams in bowl games. I still think a 7th bowl game with the Frisco Bowl is a real possibility.

Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State vs Colorado

Armed Forces Bowl: Fresno State vs Memphis

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs North Texas

New Mexico Bowl: Air Force vs Middle Tennessee State

Arizona Bowl: San Diego State vs UL-Monroe

Potato Bowl: Utah State vs Eastern Michigan

Frisco Bowl: Wyoming vs Tulsa

Mike: Well, the Bulldogs and Aztecs sure showed me up from what I said last week. With Boise State taking the loss this week, I no longer seem them as the front-runner for NY6 bowl. Since I haven’t been great at researching opponents, I’m going to scrape it for now and have mine look a bit different than above. So pay most attention to my tagline (safe bet, sure thing, could go either way). Note that I’m not saying what bowl is a safe bet, but rather that the team makes a bowl.

Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State (a sure thing)

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii (a safe bet)

New Mexico Bowl: Fresno State (a sure thing)

Armed Forces Bowl: SDSU (a sure thing)

Potato Bowl: Utah State (a safe bet)

Arizona Bowl: UNLV/Nevada (could go either way, saying 60/40 Rebels this week)