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Mountaintop View 9-18-18

Now let’s recap the losses. And a dog.

Sacramento State v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

Day number two of the week and for the most part, we are still gathering articles on games from this weekend. Yesterday featured links with many of the wins. Today it only makes sense to look at writers writing about the losses. Read on.

Man’s best friend a big help.

Boise State WR Akilian Butler tore his ACL last season and of course with it comes a long and hard recovery. However, Butler had some help to ease the process a bit. His pit bull Boss gave him hope and encouragement. Boss even ran with him when he was cleared. The results have been real two, as Butler has 2 TDs through 3 games this season.

Boise State misfires on national stage.

In their biggest regular season game, the Broncos didn’t win. They also let a close game turn into a not close game by the end. Bad OL play, a lack of big plays on defense, and a poor excuse for special teams were the biggest factors. Although the passing game was humming along despite facing pressure. Dave Southorn gives letter grades and explanations for each of the three units.

Hawaii enters the loss column.

Another undefeated team going into the week, Hawaii got brought back down to earth as well. Like we mentioned in our comparisons post, their unique offense will keep them in every game, for better or for worse. This week is was for worse. Army limited their points and the Rainbow Warriors defense gave up a lot of big plays. Still, most expected 1-3 after four games and they sit at 3-1. And McDonald and Ursua still look good.

Colorado State’s magic doesn’t strike twice.

Dumb mistakes. Shoot themselves in the foot. Whatever you want to call it, the Rams inflicted as much damage on themselves as the Gators did early on. The punter not getting a punt off. The dependable kicker missed a kick. Then, he missed another one. Not to be outdone, a punt was then blocked on that unit. Those are infuriating things that take what could be a close game and let it get out of reach (as the Broncos).

San Jose State earns first moral victory.

It wasn’t a win. It wasn’t as close as the score, although they did make it a two-score game. It was their best showing of the season. Perhaps they found a formula that will work the rest of the year that will help them get a win or two this year.

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