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MWC Recruiting Roundup 9-17-18

Let’s hear from some visitors.

NCAA Football: Wofford at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

You may be reading this weekly roundups and be thinking: What is with the lack of recruiting news on this young season? Or why isn’t my team getting recruits to their games yet? Perhaps you weren’t thinking that at all, but now you are. We will shed some light on it for you.

First off, it is early and some MWC teams haven’t played many home games. Boise State and San Jose State have only had one. Same with New Mexico. Utah State (and SJSU for that matter) played Thursday home games, which are much tougher to host visitors since that would require a recruit to miss school Thursday and Friday unless they are extremely close location wise.

From doing some digging around the good old internet, it seems some schools are intentionally not hosting recruits yet. While this may seem strange, it’s all be design and they coaches and staff know what they are doing much better than you or I. A few just seem like although they are actively recruiting players, they are content with waiting until high school seasons are over, or their seasons for that matter, to do visits. Other teams, like a few California ones for example, recruit their areas well and can get some guys in on unofficial visits. Still others are recruiting specific players for their unique systems, so they are extra picky. In the past, Hawaii seemed to offer every player under the sun. Now that they are back to the run-and-shoot, they aren’t handing out as many offers.

Take all of above with a grain of salt of course. But looking at patterns and similarities from last year and what’s happening this year while adding in a whisper or two, and these things seem to be pretty accurate.

Anyway, we caught up with quite a few visitors from this weekend and last. Hear about their visits below.

Visit Recaps

DB JL Skinner (Boise State)

“I loved it. I loved the family atmosphere around the facility and campus. Everyone just felt like I’d known them for years. The players were easy to talk to and I enjoyed it a lot. Meeting the coaching staff was great. They have a great staff there that are all on the same mission. It felt great meeting the entire coaching staff. I talked to them just about what they saw for me in the future and just the program in general. I feel I have a great relationship with every coach on that staff. My strengths are my instincts, my long arms and my ball hawk mentality. Plan is to commit as soon as I take all of my visits; I want to visit Cal.”

DB Cam Stephens (Nevada)

“I loved the visit! For me, the highlight of the visit was during the game when the Oregon state kicker missed the field goal to allow Nevada to win the game. It was a great game and Nevada played very well. The coaches took more than enough time out of their game day to comfort me and my mom and make me feel welcome. We sat and talked about their coaching experiences and also talked about how great the education was at Nevada.

LB Jackson Cloyd (Nevada)

“It was a great game to watch. For me, the highlights were spending time with the coaching staff and meeting many of the current players. Coach Mumme has also be great to deal with on the recruiting / information front. I was able to have a good discussion with both Coach Norvell and Coach Casteel about the defensive schemes and where I might fit in. I’ve met the coaches a couple of times now and I maintain good communication with them. My impressions are that they may be looking to add a bit more size to their linebacker depth. The likely position for me is a WILL\BUCK type position, which would be an outside LB in their 3-3-5 scheme and I’d walk up on the TE on occasion. I like their approach and think I could be an impact player in their scheme. As a player I think it is all about playing hard nose old school football. Always finding the ball and relentless motor. I think they like my leadership qualities and football IQ as well.”

LB Skyler Meyers (Wyoming)

“The game day atmosphere is really great. Love the family vibe they have over there. The small town and it being the only university in the state brings everybody together. It’s a cool feeing. My relationship with the coaches are reall good. The Head coach, Coach Bohl, is a class act and tells it to you straight and all of the staff is very kind and cool.

Recruiting Tidbits


  • TE Skylar Loving-Black was offered by Boise State
  • 2020 RB Isaiah Newell was offered by Fresno State
  • DB Ryan Payne was offered by Hawaii


  • DB Cam Stephens visited Nevada
  • LB Jackson Cloyd visited Nevada
  • DB Allen Smith visited Wyoming
  • LB Skyler Meyers visited Wyoming

Down the road:

  • Matty Horne and Steven Jenkins will be in UNLV on 10/6

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