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Mountain West Power Rankings: Week Two

Where does your favorite team rank?

NCAA Football: Connecticut at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Week two is in the books, and some things are starting to take shape around the nation and in the Mountain West. Unfortunately for many teams in the MW, that shape isn’t looking good. Let’s jump right into it.

  1. Boise State - Duh. The Broncos are clearly on a different level right now. They have come out of the blocks better than Usain Bolt could have ever dreamed. First they went down to Troy and beat the stuffing out of the Trojans and then this past weekend they defeated UConn so bad that I have to believe the university contemplated shutting down the program. I mean - why not just give more money to the women’s basketball program? Matter of fact - do you think Geno Auriemma can coach football? They should look into it. Anyway - it’s Boise State and they are probably going to be on the top of this list for quite a while.
  2. Hawaii - Hell yes. Hawaii still here after three full weeks of action for them (remember they got a kick start playing in week zero). Remember when I jokingly called Rolovich Mountain West Coach of the year and Cole McDonald the front runner for the Heisman trophy? Well - here we are two weeks later and those proclamations are becoming more and more real. Seriously, McDonald is on pace to throw for approximately 15 million yards and 500 touchdowns this season. By the way, I just checked Hawaii’s schedule, and not to get ahead of ourselves, but there is a distinct possibility that Hawaii could be 7-0 when they face off against BYU October 13th. I am all the way here for this.
  3. Utah State - The (Blue) Aggies absolutely blasted the (Red) Aggies this weekend 60-13. The win should not come as a surprise, news flash NM State isn’t good, but dropping 60 on anyone is a big deal. It shows that Utah State has what it takes to take care of bad teams, and possibly the firepower to hang with the good teams. Keep you eyes on Utah State this year, I have a sneaky feeling they could play big time spoiler.
  4. San Diego State - Well, a win is a win right? Even if it is only 28-14 over adjust glasses Sacramento State... I won’t hold the two touchdown win against them, I mean it is San Diego State, and their style can produce some games that look closer than they really are. Rocky Long and company are just treading water at the moment looking to hit their stride later in the season.
  5. Fresno State - Fresno, Fresno, Fresno. You were right there, you had the Gophers right where you wanted them and you let it slip away. That kind of win would have been the perfect spring board to elevate the Bulldogs into the top tier of the Mountain West. Instead they will have to wait and regroup. Now, this isn't to say that the Bulldogs aren’t dangerous - they are - but that loss combined with some unfortunate injury news may keep them away from the top of this list.
  6. Wyoming - Dear, Wyoming - PLEASE STOP GETTING BLASTED BY POWER-FIVE CONFERENCE TEAMS! Signed, the rest of the Mountain West. Guess what? Josh Allen isn’t walking back through that door anytime soon (unfortunately for him because the Bills look dreadful). The Cowboys had back to back chances in the past two weeks to make a statement that they were a real Group of Five contender and that they could hang with the “big boys” the result of those two games was a combined 81-32 loss. And before you look at their schedule and say “oh good they get an easy win with Wofford coming to town” you need to realize Wofford is a really really good lower level team. Cowboys could be on upset alert.

7-11: Holy good lord … This conference is not doing itself any favors whatsoever. No one could get a big win? No one? Not only that, but there were some embarrassing losses thrown in there too? I am not ranking these teams. It is beneath the dignity of my fingers to type it out.

12. SJSU - Wow. Just... Wow.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, your week two Mountain West Power Rankings. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.