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Mountaintop View 8-9-18

Football, football, and more football

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Want some more fall camp updates? Good, because we got them.

Overrated and underrated teams going into the year.

The Athletic takes a look at which teams are too high or too low in the coaches poll. Ohio State and ND are included in the overrated side of things. On the underrated side, their list includes Wisconsin and Boise State. They mention a 4-year starter at QB, 10 returning defensive starters and their depth and say they should at least be ahead of Texas.

Have you met the Absurd Hero yet?

That is the new nickname for New Mexico DL Aaron Blackwell. He went viral recently after a video showed him squatting 675 lbs. For those of you who don’t know, that is a LOT of weight. Blackwell is focused on helping the Lobos bounce back after a disappointing season.

Bulldogs have a chance to be party crashers?

The Fresno Bee looks at the potential of Fresno State securing the Group of 5 NY6 Bowl bid this season. To be clear, the writer isn’t saying it will happen, but that it’s possible. They point out the loaded WR position, the strong returnees on defense (back 7 anyway), and their schedule.

Lobos new OC aims for liveliness.

Calvin Magee was at Arizona last year and now finds himself one state over at New Mexico. He faces the interesting and probably tough task of navigating a team in search of a new identity. They are moving away from the triple option, but will also still incorporate the triple option, whatever that means. Magee does have his cross-sport references down pat, as he wants his quarterbacks to the be the points guards out on the field.

Turnover belts and chains are soooo last year.

Yesterday, Boise State unveiled their new turnover reward to the public. It’s a turnover bike. Yes, if a player gets a turnover during practice, they get to ride the bike back to campus while everyone else walks. They also get to pick some music. It seems to be a hit already.

On the horizon:

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