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Mountaintop View 8-31-18

Lots of games coming today and tomorrow!

Air Force v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Friday again. We had one game last night and 11 more games with MWC teams tonight and tomorrow. Should be a fun weekend! Get your reading in and then get your watching on!

Week 0 Recap

In case you can’t remember all the way back a week ago, the mothership has you covered. Hawaii’s new helmets (which may or may not be sticking around), shovel passes, double punters, and lots of people showed up at NMSU to watch Wyoming destroy. Oh and other teams played too.

Keep up on the new rule changes.

Get ready for silly (and some not silly) rule changes coming to games near you. Some of these rules get enforced for a week or a month and then fall by the wayside (the NBA is famous for this). The knee rule may be one of those, are players pants have to be touching their knee. Play clock and kickoff touchbacks seemed to come into play more last week.

San Jose Mercury predicting a win.

Vic is giving a preview of the Spartans in their opener (full disclosure: I’m writing this little blurb before the game and then hopping on a plane, so bear with me). He gives their offense an edge over the Aggies, summarizes a best and worse case for the Spartans, and thinks they should be able to handle everything the Aggies through at them. Did it work?

The Rams vs the Buffs.

In a great annual in-state rivalry game, Colorado State takes on Colorado at home. The Rams are looking to rebound from their surprising loss to Hawaii last week. They really need a win as their next two games are against SEC opponents. The Coloradoan previews the game for us.

New Air Force policy helps O-line.

If you’ve ever watched an academy game, you’ve probably noticed a lot of small looking offensive linemen. Due to academy restrictions, 300+ guys are hard to come by. Now, the Adjusted Athletic Assessment. there can be waivers, exemptions, and modified tests that allow players to keep up with academy standards, but also be heavier than in the past. This can only benefit the Falcons (and maybe the rest of the MWC with less chop blocks).

On the horizon:

  • Later today: You’ll get a healthy dose of previews today for some of the games being played on Saturday.
  • Later today: More MWC football games!
  • Coming tomorrow: This week in the MWC. Watch some press conferences, read some of the big stories this week, see who’s hot/who’s not, and catch up on some memorable Aaron Taylor quotes.
  • Coming tomorrow: Part 2 of our Week 1 How to Watch/Game Thread.
  • Coming tomorrow: Your favorite team is playing! (and probably that team you hate as well)