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Mountaintop View 8-28-18

Let’s preview the rest of the conference.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Tuesday; the past weekend of games is gone and a new week is upon us. Today’s focus will be more of the preview type as we try to highlight the teams that haven’t yet played a game. Enjoy.

Boise State preparing to go to a NY6 Bowl, but not believing they they will.

Whatever that means. BJ Rains details how they program is acknowledging the hype many “experts” are putting on them and certainly working towards the goal of playing in another big bowl. However, they are also admitting that they haven’t accomplished anything yet and there is hard work, focus needed for each and every game on the schedule, and executing on their talent, something they haven’t always done in the Harsin era.

The 12 most important Wolf Pack players.

At least according to Chris Murray. The usual suspects are in there; QB Ty Gangi, WR Mclane Mannix, RB Kelton Moore on the offensive side. Then LB Malik Reed and DB Dameon Barber on the defensive side. Read his summaries on each, as well as the others who made the list.

10 things the Spartans need to do to improve this year.

Our friend Vic outlines improvements the San Jose State football must to have a better showing than last year’s 2-11 season. You’ll see the normal cliches scattered in here like limit turnovers and stop the run. But there are also some finer points in here such as continue great special teams play, keep the brotherhood, and dominate UC Davis in the opener.

Rebels coach rescued someone from sexual assault.

In the wake of the circus going on at Ohio State, it is refreshing to see someone do the right thing. UNLV GA Cristian Garcia has had quite the journey, from being raised by a single mom while his dad was in prison to walking on at Florida and playing his first game in the Citrus Bowl. In the summer of 2016, he was taking out the garbage at 2:20am and recognized what was going on was not right. He pushed a man off of a teenage girl, doing something that many others did not. It got him some national recognition at the time and perhaps it’s a story that needs to be brought to people’s attention again.

Washington looking to step up and assume the mantle.

If you’ve ever watching San Diego State football play under Rocky Long, you know they run the football early and often. It’s worked quite well for them and has recently turned in historic seasons for former RBs Donnel Pumphrey and Raashad Penny. Now it’s Juwan Washington’s turn to be the featured back for the Aztecs. Like the previous two, he’s been in metaphorical bubble-wrap this off-season, not taking hits this spring or summer in order to avoid injury before the season. Barring injury, he’s likely to at least double his 700+ yards of rushing last year as a backup.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: The Week 0 version of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  • Coming Wednesday: An evaluation of the newer coaches in the MWC and how effective and efficient they’ve been in their short tenures with their respective teams.
  • Coming Thursday: Part 1 of our Game Thread for Thursday and Friday games, as well as the first half of our game previews.