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Week 0 Mountain West Power Rankings

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Where Does Your Favorite Team Rank?

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well ladies and gentlemen - here we are. College Football season is finally upon us, and it is glorious. Glorious I say!

This past Saturday, three Mountain West teams were in action (Hawaii, Colorado State, and Wyoming), and with their results have inspired the first Power Rankings of the year.

  1. Hawaii - Yes. Hawaii. Rolovich is front runner for Mountain West coach of the year - hell - National coach of the year too. Cole McDonald is the leader for Heisman trophy. Hawaii might actually be the best college football team in the nation right now. #HawaiiToTheCFP … Too far? Ok, sorry. You can make an argument that Wyoming deserves to be numbers one - but you can do it on your own article. For now, the Bows reign supreme.
  2. Wyoming - The Cowboy’s defense is going to be a problem for the rest of the Mountain West. Granted, they were playing New Mexico State (not known for their offensive prowess) but Wyoming made sure they flexed their defensive muscle on Saturday night. It remains to be seen if they can perform at such a high level against capable offensive teams, but as of right now I can guaranteed the rest of the Mountain West is paying attention.
  3. Colorado State - I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news: Colorado State is the third best team in the Mountain West! The bad news: I am only ranking the three teams who played. Saturday night was obviously a disappointment for the Rams. Home opener - hosting Hawaii and their eleventy-bagillion freshman only to nearly get run out of their own building. Credit to the Rams though, they showed heart and dang near performed an comeback for all-time. But alas, they fell short and start the season 0-1. There were things to like about the Rams offense though, especially their running game. Mark my words, the Rams will play the best teams in the Mountain West tough this year, they always do.
  4. The Rest - Call me lazy (probably true) but I am not ranking the rest of the league without them playing a game yet. So, yes, San Jose State is tied with Boise State and San Diego State at 4th for the moment. Next week, however, this list will be dramatically different.

Enjoy while you can, Hawaii fans for you are kings of the Mountain West (this week).