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Mountaintop View 8-27-18

Let’s talk about the weekend.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Guess what? There were games on Saturday. And there are more games this week! Some of today’s links will discuss the two games played over the week and others will look forward to the games ahead.

Did you like Week 0? Thank Hawaii.

It all comes about because of the Rainbow Warriors. There is a rule that allows them, and anyone who plays a game at Hawaii, to play an extra game during the season. This used to mean 13 games in 13 weeks with no bye. However, the past few years, it has meant those teams are allowed to start the weekend before Labor Day. That is how we got four games this past weekend.

Hawaii dominates, barely hangs on for the win.

Welcome to the new/old version of Hawaii football. Lots and lots of offense, very little defense. Still, they pulled off an upset in which they were 17 point underdogs and due to week 0, did it with much of the country watching. This article illustrates they had everything going against them and found a way to win in fun fashion.

Rams say they weren’t ready to play.

They had a slow start that lasted about three quarters. Then, Colorado State caught fire and just ran out of a time when they had all the momentum going for them and couldn’t be stopped on offense. Safety Jordan Fogal said they were overconfident and HC Mike Bobo said they weren’t ready to play. Still, the offense looked great and can move the ball a variety of ways. The defense didn’t look like it could do much in terms of stopping the ball.

Wyoming took care of business with a simple formula.

Play shut-down defense and run the ball effectively was all the Cowboys needed to do in a win that was never in doubt. NMSU didn’t get a first down until the very end of the first half. The passing game is still a big question mark and it remains to be seen how this formula will work against better quality opponents. But through one game, is appears the Cowboys “are who they thought we were” to borrow a phrase from the late Dennis Green.

Top Group of 5 teams, where do MWC teams land?

According to this article, Boise State checks in at #2. This is mainly because they feel (and rightly so) that the AAC gets the benefit of the doubt due to strength of their conference and recent events. So UCF, the pick from last year, enters the year as the front-runner. Fresno State and San Deigo State also get a mention at the end.

On the horizon:

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