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Mountaintop View 8-24-18

The last day before games.

Air Force v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s Friday of game week, which is a great thing. Tomorrow actual college football games will be played. End your week strong with some reading material, with the focus on today more on the teams who will be playing tomorrow. Enjoy!

Ram grad-transfers bonding.

Colorado State has four grad-transfers on their football team this season. The article talks about how they have a sense of urgency in their last college football season, but balance it with maturity. They’ve formed a bond over the summer studying the playbook and film for hours to get up to speed with their new team. They share a common mindset of making their last season count.

Some Cowboys staying healthy

Injuries have been a common theme around fall camp in Laramie. If you’re the offensive line, it’s even more so. The Cowboys plan to start three redshirt freshmen among their five starters this weekend. However, senior Kaden Cryder has been the steady rock through all the turmoil. He’s started 26 games in his career and will be at right guard this season.

Run-and-shoot recap.

As Hawaii will return to the offense that made them (more) relevant and (more) competitive, Dave Reardon gives us a detailed piece on what the offense looks like. It’s built on speed, quick decisions, and getting matchup advantages. Pre-snap motion is key. However, the most important factor, as well as the hardest one to perfect, is that receivers adjust their routes on the fly. It relies on QBs and WRs being smart enough to make reads and adjust, as well as the two positions having good chemistry. Where the 2018 Warriors are at in this process will be on display tomorrow.

Aztec’s NY6 chances.

Many an article around the web has been written about Boise State’s big bowl chances. A few has popped up about Fresno State as well. But lets not forget about old reliable, San Diego State. Hero sports praises them for their schedule, with two PAC12 teams (who they beat last year). Let’s put it this way, if the Aztecs beat both of those teams, plus Fresno State and Boise State (assuming they have good seasons still), it would be hard to argue they aren’t deserving. However, the games are played for a reason.

A CFB season preview like you’ve never seen one before.

Do you like college football? Do you like video games? As only the mothership can pull off, here is a general and funny college football preview scripted as a RPG video game. Main quest (winning games and getting to the playoff) with lots of side quests (get your coach to stay, win a made up rivalry trophy). It’a fun read to end the week on.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: The debut of our Game of the Week Predictions Poll. Make sure to cast your vote
  • Coming tomorrow: This week in the MWC takes a look at the biggest news of the week.
  • Coming tomorrow: Week 0 How to Watch and Game Thread.... and you know, actual GAMES