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Mountaintop View 8-21-18

One day closer...

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Tuesday and football is one day closer. Get through the day by reading some of the MWC news we gathered for you.

Best CFB teams since 2010.

At least in the eyes of Bleacher Report, for what it’s worth. Former MWC team TCU gets an honorable mention. The top 10 is flooded with the usual suspects, CFP blue-bloods and rising starts like Clemson (and the yo-yo that is Oregon). If you can’t guess who #1 is, then you’ve probably never followed college football. Boise State checks in at #9 (although they weren’t the 2016 MWC champ). They mention their accolades and winning ways, while also acknowledging they would’ve been a top 5 team on this list had it gone back another 5 years.

Broncos Baseball update.

The baseball rebirth at Boise State continues to press on. Last week, the Idaho Board of Education gave their approval for the school to buy land to build their baseball field. They can even use eminent domain, which according to Google means they use private property for public use as long as they provide appropriate payment.

Cleanest programs in college football.

And its not just because they sweep and mop. CBS did a poll with a bunch of coaches, asking them their thoughts on which coaches ran the cleanest programs. At the top were PAC12 coaches David Shaw and (to no surprise) Chris Petersen. Wyoming coach Craig Bohl was tied for fourth, which is good to see. Urban Meyer was in the also receiving votes category, so there’s that.

Lobo walk-on living the dream.

Aaron Overacker says six hours of sleep is good enough. That leaves 18 hours to go to class, eat, study, play football and work a part-time job. That is the life of a college football walk-on. He also carries a 4,0 GPA. The TE hopes to see the field this year, but is enjoying the ride and working hard regardless.

Tedford talking about his Bulldogs following their scrimmage.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. This one will be the Crystal Ball edition, predicting which teams will be good, bad, or ugly this upcoming season.
  • Coming Thursday: Our team previews looking at the Week 0 games.
  • Coming Friday: Our first in-season Game of the Week Poll and Prediction