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MWC Recruiting Roundup 8-20-18

All Falcons.

PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Penn State v Washington Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This past week, if you were Air Force, then you had a nice recruiting week. If you were one of the other 11 teams, then there wasn’t much going on at all. Without question, they take the lead art this week, as no one else even made the recap section at the bottom.

Commitment Spotlight

FB Coleby Hamm (Air Force)

“Well like many of the Air Force commits and players I believe that to have a great career after football is over and still have a chance to make it to the NFL is almost a dream come true. I also fell in love with the atmosphere of the campus, especially because I live in Texas I never see mountains so I automatically was in awe. Besides that their facilities are amongst the best and education is up there with the Ivy League schools. also the fact it is truly a brotherhood amongst the players made me truly want to be a part of the academy. Well every time I would visit up there I felt at home amongst the coaches and seeing how the team acted towards each other I could tell they all had a bond that can’t be broken and that’s something I want to be a part of. They like my aggressiveness and plan to use me as a Full Back.”

OL Ethan Jackman (Air Force)

“Probably the biggest reason was the academics, as I want to study either aeronautical or astronautical engineering, and the Air Force Academy is one of the top schools for these majors. Another reason is the high level of football that Air Force plays. The combination of these factors was really appealing to me. So Coach Knorr has been my recruiting coach throughout and he had stopped by my high school early in spring and has been helpful throughout the process. After I had received the offer my family and I had quite a few questions about a lot of things regarding the academy, mostly because of how different it is from “normal” colleges, so I called Coach Lobotzke and talked to him for a while, and after that I knew that I wanted to go to Air Force. One of the main things that they said they like about me is my physicality. They said they see me as an offensive guard.”

DB Victor Nelson (Air Force)

“Mainly my family felt the most comfortable with Air Force given my opportunities. The location is absolutely gorgeous. The brotherhood feeling is unbeatable. I enjoy the coaching staff. I especially enjoy that the coaches have conversations with me aside from football, like my interests and hobbies and I’ve found out I kinda have some stuff in common with some of them in regards to aspirations. I feel the coaches like my physical appearance and the potential I posses to be a great asset to the team. They want me to come in and play DB. I feel my strengths are my relentless will power, intelligence, and awareness when I’m on the field.”

Recruiting Tidbits


  • DE Mike Callaham was offered by Air Force


  • OL Ethan Jackman committed to Air Force
  • LB Coleby Hamm committed to Air Force
  • ATH Victor Nelson committed to Air Force

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