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Mountaintop View 8-2-18

Mountain West team fight songs and week 1’s

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Hawaii’s run-and-shoot taking shape

They’re getting those reps in. The players are making progress. Everyone has a shot. The coaches are saying the right things. It all sounds like they have a ways to go in week one before this new approach really takes shape.

The biggest Lovingtonian ever - Brian Urlacher

It’s such an old story and the best story. It never gets old. A small town guy from a very small town makes it to the NFL and his career goes beyond his dreams and expectations. Brian Urlacher didn’t forget his roots and didn’t forget to give back to his city of Lovington, New Mexico where he played for the Lobos.

Wyoming football week 1

The Cowboys open up at New Mexico in less than a month, which should be a “warm-up” game for them. It sounds like their intensity and energy was way up in just half pad practices earlier this week and in full pads yesterday, they took it up another notch.

My shameless Spartan plug

Glad to say that I’m now covering the San Jose State Spartans with the San Jose Mercury News. I’m forever grateful to MWC editor Mike Wittmann and his super knowledgeable team of writers and hope to still contribute when I can.

Brush up on all the Mountain West team fight songs!

Imagine players from the 1940’s in their rawhide helmets with no face masks as you listen to all the songs back-to-back:)