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Fall Season Schedule

Here’s what to expect during football season.

Mountain West Championship - Fresno State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

In case you couldn’t tell, we are ready for the college football season to start around here. I’d imagine you are as well. Technically, we are in Week 0 and since 3 MWC teams are playing, I’m saying we are in game week. Consider it a test-run or mini version of what a normal week will look like from now until December (or January if we’re lucky).

Below is our plan heading into the fall for what to expect on our site. As you can see, we will be giving you at least two posts a day seven days a week. At least half of the days will have more than two a day. Things may change. We certainly hope to add to this. Some ideas may be flops. Some we may not have as much time for or there may not be as much content for as we originally thought. However, here’s what we will be rolling out for you, with some starting this week.

Fall Schedule:


  • MWC Week in Review. We will recap and expand with some of our thoughts on a few of the bigger MWC news items of the week.
  • One giant how to watch/game thread for the MWC football games. This is a good place to discuss thoughts before, during, or after the game. We will let you know info for every MWC game and post a few thoughts on the bigger games that week.


  • Game Recaps. Half of them anyway. We want to spread the wealth and rather than flood a whole day with all the game recaps (or previews), we will do about half the day after the game.
  • MWCConnection Power Rankings + OPOY, DPOY, STPOY. The power rankings you love, or love to hate, are back again. Read which direction each team is trending. Also, we will be including players of the week as well.


  • Mountaintop View, you know the drill.
  • MWC Recruiting Roundup. The post that never stops. Your one stop shop to hear from the latest visitors and commits, plus MWC team recruiting rankings once a month.
  • Game recaps. The other half. Don’t think we forgot about your team Sunday, we just didn’t want them to get lost in the shuffle.
  • A fan poll: What was the Game of the Week from the past weekend? You decide. Also, see if you were correct from the Friday before.


  • Mountaintop View, you know the drill.
  • The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. You’ve been following the summer version, recapping big games from last year. Now get ready for the in-season version. Zach will provide some analysis from the games over the weekend. Any game is fair game.


  • Mountaintop View, you know the drill.
  • Weekly article on relevant MWC/football topics. Ideally, this feature will look at the big news of that week. Although things may be a week behind sometimes. But continue to look for thoughts the latest college football news, features on various teams, and other original content.


  • Mountaintop View, you know the drill.
  • Bowl Predictions Post. You got the pre-season version, but our team will be weighing in weekly with our latest bowl predictions.
  • Half of game previews. Just like with the recaps, we are spreading out our preview coverage over two days.


  • Mountaintop View, you know the drill.
  • Friday Night Lights. This is coach participation permitting, as you have seen the last two weeks. Originally, the thought was this would last through the high school season. But with coaches being in-season as well, this may end up just being a summer post or once or twice a month.
  • The other half of game previews. Again, we didn’t forget about your team.
  • A fan poll: What will be the Game of the Week? Vote every Friday and then again on Monday to see if you were right.


  • Some non-regularly scheduled posts. This will be the breaking news. Players injured, coaches getting fired. New starters announced. Players leaving for the NFL. Who knows what else.
  • Recruiting news. If there is some big stuff happening mid-week that can’t wait until Monday, we will try to have you covered. Also, if some visitors or commits don’t respond til later in the week, you may be getting a mid-week version of the recruiting roundup.
  • Thoughts and analysis on teams, players, coaches. As time allows of course. If a team is doing surprisingly well or surprisingly terrible, we will offer some reasons as to why we think so. Is Team X’s passing attack helping or hurting them? Can Team Z’s season be salvaged? Similar to our Wednesday posts, but you know, not just on Wednesdays. And not as regular.

Things we’d like to do, either this year or down the line, but may need some help:

  • A weekly recap of MWC alums in the NFL
  • A stats-fueled feature. Who are the most efficient QBs in the conference? Who breaks the most tackles or gets the most yards after catch? Which team defends on 3rd down the most effectively? Obviously, something like this would be time consuming and someone would have to love numbers.
  • Get some once a week coverage of non-revenue sports when they are in-season.
  • Plus, we are still looking for new writers to cover San Jose State, Utah State, and New Mexico.

If you think you’d be interested in any of these things, please reach out to us.

Your turn:

  • What posts and features would you like to see that we are currently not covering?