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This Week in the MWC 8-17-18

Thoughts on the biggest storylines in the conference this week.

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a quick recap of the big news of the week:

  • San Jose State is moving its home game against Army to Levi’s Stadium, home of the 49ers. It’s great for the Spartans to play a game in an NFL stadium and takes advantage of their great location

  • Colorado State coach Mike Bobo is having some health concerns. He tweeted an update Friday and to me, it sounded like he could miss the season opener against Hawaii. He discussed communicating with the coaching staff constantly and seems in good spirits. He’s in treatment for peripheral neuropathy, which according to the most basic of google searches is numbness to our hands and feet due to nerve damage. It can result from injuries and infections, as well as diabetes. Glad he is in treatment.

  • Wyoming is moving their leading rusher from last year to defense. Trey Woods was brought in as an athlete. He played linebacker to start, but was moved to running back, where he led the team in rushing last season. He will now be a defensive end. The thinking here is that this means Bohl and his staff are happy with the progress and initial showing of the other running backs on the team and can afford to play Woods in another position of impact.

  • The Star Advertiser says the Hawaii QB competition is narrowed down to 3 players. Spoiler: it’s been these three all along, but not much news is getting out and they have to write something, so that’s what we have. Anyway, the veteran is McDonald, while Moussa and Cordeiro are both true freshman (and quite talented). It would make sense to see McDonald get the start in the first few games to see what he has, before giving way to one or both of the freshmen by the Duqesne game to gear up for conference play.

  • More watchlist happenings. Is the MWC deep at the QB position this season?

Your turn: What else happened this week that’s worth talking about?