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Mountaintop View 8-17-18

Football is coming...

Air Force v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In just a week and a day we will be having real actual Mountain West college football games. However, until then, let’s continue reading about fall camp and other news around the conference.

Push for injuries reports?

From the mothership, it looks like the Big Ten athletic directors are making a push to have injury reports similar to the NFL model. While this is (hopefully) motivated by player safety, there also seems to be whispers of it being linked to the legalization of sports betting (it’s all about the money after all). This outlines some of the potential pros and cons of if this was put into place.

Falcon Saucier is a man of many talents.

He may be the most interesting player on the team. RB Joseph Saucier is competing for the starting role in the Air Force offense. In high school, he played the role of Beast in a production of Beauty and the Beast. He has plans both in the military as well as in Hollywood. After being academically ineligible last year by 1 point, he worked hard in the classroom to be on the field this year.

Nevada may be about ready to strike gold with Lee.

A really nice write up on true freshman RB Devonte Lee. He looks poised to be an under the radar two-star recruit who has the potential to be a great college player over the next few years. His highlight film is awesome and the coaches are raving about him. For the record, we really liked him last year in our recruiting breakdowns.

The story that won’t end.

It seems like we have a update on the University of New Mexico budget issues every week. Well, here is this week’s edition. Now the New Mexico Attorney General says he will take New Mexico if they don’t redo their process that resulted in the cut of four of their sports. He also says the July 19th meeting is invalid because the public was fully informed. Stay tuned.

Hawaii schedules another future PAC-12 opponent...

... So there non-conference schedule is looking like...