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MWC Recruiting Roundup 8-13-18

August Recruiting Rankings

NCAA Football: UNLV at Nevada Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The ups and downs of summer recruiting continues. After a huge last week on the recruiting front, this week was much tamer. In particular, two teams who haven’t had much recruiting news, Colorado State and Wyoming, picked up commits this weekend. We also have a new number one in our recruiting rankings today, so they take the cover photo.

August MWC Recruiting Rankings

Note: all star rankings per 247 composite.

1. Nevada

  • Previous Rank: 2
  • Number of 3 stars: 6
  • What they’ve recruited well: Quantity.
  • Where they need work: a headliner recruit to keep them high in our rankings once other teams catch up.

2. Boise State

  • Previous Rank: 1
  • Number of 4/3 stars: 2 4-stars, 2 3-stars
  • What they’ve recruited well: Elite recruits/playmakers.
  • Where they need work: Depth/quantity.


  • Previous Rank: 4
  • Number of 3 stars: 6
  • What they’ve recruited well: Athletes, as well as a quarterback.
  • Where they need work: The guys in the trenches.


  • Previous Rank: 3
  • Number of 4/3 stars: 5
  • What they’ve recruited well: Skills players/athletes
  • Where they need work: Offense, a quaterback

5. Fresno State

  • Previous Rank: 11
  • Number of 3 stars: 4
  • What they’ve recruited well: Skill players
  • Where they need work: linemen, a high school quarterback

6. Air Force

  • Previous Rank: 8
  • Number of 3 stars: 2
  • What they’ve recruited well: quantity, players for their system
  • Where they need work: quality, interior DL


  • Previous Rank: 5
  • Number of 3 stars: 4
  • What they’ve recruited well: Offensive line, quarterback
  • Where they need work: skill positions, linebackers

8. Hawaii

  • Previous Rank: 6
  • Number of 3 stars: 3
  • What they’ve recruited well: linebackers
  • Where they need work: skill positions

9. Utah State

  • Previous Rank: 7
  • Number of 3 stars: 4
  • What they’ve recruited well: Quarterback, pass-rusher
  • Where they need work: quantity, skill players

10. Colorado State

  • Previous Rank: 10
  • Number of 3 stars: 3
  • What they’ve recruited well: Cornerbacks
  • Where they need work: quantity, offense

11. New Mexico

  • Previous Rank: 9
  • Number of 3 stars: 2
  • What they’ve recruited well: Running back, special teams
  • Where they need work: Quantity, linemen

12. Wyoming : 12

  • Previous Rank
  • Number of 3 stars: 0
  • What they’ve recruited well: Athletes
  • Where they need work: Quantity, offense

As you may know by now, I’m also a fan of the tier system when it comes to rankings. This tells the same story from a different angle and sometimes gives a clearer picture of the gap, or lack of, between teams. If people had teams in the same tier, but disagreed on the rankings, I wouldn’t put up too much of a fight.

Tier 1: Nevada and Boise State

Tier 2: UNLV, SDSU, Fresno State

Tier 3: Air Force, SJSU, Hawaii

Tier 4: Utah State, Colorado State

Tier 5: New Mexico, Wyoming


  • Nevada and Boise State are the opposites of one another. One has lots of commits, the other has the two best players in this class
  • Since Nevada is close to being maxed out, I expect them to be around the middle of the pack (see what I did there?) by November or so. But what they’ve done so far can’t be discredited.
  • Fresno State made a huge jump after their 6 commit week.
  • UNLV has been standing strong with their class. They’ve moved up and done a lot, but have a solid group so far.
  • New Mexico and Wyoming always seem to be near the bottom. Wyoming has shown they recruit “their players” (and win with them) despite what the rankings say.
  • Colorado State is much much lower than usual. Interested to see where they end up.
  • As always, Air Force is the hardest team to judge. 247 lists 19 commits, but we look at the top of their class instead of quantity due to their unique recruiting.

Commitment Spotlight

Reece Azam (Air Force)

“Yessir, one of the biggest reasons for my commitment is the fact that Air Force is a great football program and the coaches are awesome. Several of the coaches played and graduated from the Academy so that was impressive to me! Also, it is a an awesome education, equivalent to that of an Ivy League school. And the opportunity to become an officer in the Air Force is awesome. Not many other FBS schools can offer this level of football, education, with coaches who graduated from the school, while training players to become officers. It’s an incredible bolt-brotherhood.”

DE Colby Warkentin (Fresno State)

“Fresno State was the perfect fit for me as a player. And after visiting with all of the coaches and walking around the facilities it really felt like home and I knew I had to pull the trigger. That was a huge part of my decision, the coaches and just how much I felt at home. When I talked to Coach Cain about how he wanted to use me at defensive end it was exactly what I was looking for in a defense, putting me in the right place to make plays. And also a talk with Coach Tedford really helped me reach my decision. Hearing his passion for the valley and how he wants to put valley kids first really made it feel like home. Just talking to each of the coaches made me realize where I want to be for the next 4-5 years.”

CB Randy Jordan (Fresno State)

“It felt like home you know? I had that home feeling. I also felt that the level of play within the team is at an all time high. The coaching and staff members seem to have good chemistry and that made me feel comfortable and since I’ve been around the campus so much I just feel comfortable. I just met most of them but the chemistry and same mindedness that they have amongst each other is great. I can also say that although I just met them they seem to have the same mindset that I put into my everyday life. They said they like my speed and how physical I play and that they would love to put me in man to man coverage from time to time.”

Recruiting Tidbits


  • WR DK Blaylock was offered by Boise State
  • DT Beaux Tagola was offered by Hawaii


  • K Cole Johnson committed to Air Force
  • OL Nick Vance committed to Air Force
  • OL Luke Hallstrom committed to Air Force
  • DE Aidan Cullen committed to Colorado State
  • LB Easton Gibbs committed to Wyoming


  • DE Alec Pell decommitted from Boise State (and committed to Colorado)

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