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MWC Recruiting Roundup 7-9-18

Things slowing down a bit, unless you’re Air Force.

NCAA Football: Utah State at Air Force Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Note: If any recruiting news happened over the weekend, it is not covered in this post, which is current through Friday. Anything past that will be covered in next week’s post.

This is a bit of a bare bones version of the Roundup. Mainly because the dead period finally caught up with MWC recruiting. There were still some commits, but offers were pretty scarce. Air Force in particular led the way with 3 new verbal pledges (and no, they aren’t at 100 yet). Keep reading below for a few interviews.

Commitment Spotlight:

ATH Jordan Blakley (Air Force)

“It is just a great opportunity for me to become a better person, on and off the field I know I’ll grow as a person for the better by attending Air Force Academy. Also the fact that it is a D1 program and it was always my dream to play D1 football. Also I will be receiving the best education in the world and that means the most to me. It is a beautiful place to call home. At the end of the day when you it’s all set and done, you are basically guaranteed a successful future and I could not pass that opportunity, I want to be successful in life and I know Air Force will do that for me. I attended an unofficial visit and camp, I was invited to the lunch with them in the press box. I had the Head Coach (Troy) Calhoun, DB Coach (Chip) Vaughn, and Recruiter Coach (Alex) Means sit by me and eat, that was amazing feeling since they could of sat anywhere and they chose me. Throughout the visit it was an amazing experience to actually get closer with now my future coaches. These coaches show so much love and also the morning of July 2nd I had all the coaches texting me to come join them and everything, it was amazing getting that. Now that I am committed, the love doesn’t stop and they keep sharing the love for me. Right now I have defense and offense fighting over me, mainly at the safety and wide receiver positions. As far as what I bring, I am athletic, smart, physical, hard working, passionate player. I can catch the ball, I can run the ball, I can get you the scores and tough yards you need, I can hit, be a turnover machine on defense, give you a lock down defender, playmaker on both sides of the ball. I can also be deadly on special teams, just anywhere I feel I can really impact this team in great ways.”

ATH Brandon Schenks (Air Force)

“It’s closer to home to see my family more often and I loved the staff when I went to see the place. They were just so energetic when I went and they just made it feel like home.

TE Cade Blum (Air Force)

“The opportunity is crazy, the fact that I am receiving a top tier education and playing high level Division 1 football is something I couldn’t pass on. After my Air Force visit and offer, I went to other schools and thought about how none of these schools would set me up for life like the academy would. I really like Coach Calhoun. One of the few head coaches that I really felt like I bonded with. He’s a very down to earth guy. My Recruiting coach, Coach Knorr and position coach, Coach Jones are great guys too. I’ll be a tradition Y TE and I think I can do both blocking and pass catching well. I try to be a complete TE.”

QB Alec Trujillo (SJSU)

“Ultimately after visiting all the schools, it just felt like the right fit. It isn’t to far from home where I have my entire support group, who have helped me get to this point. I have been so successful with them by my side. The coaching staff is just absolutely amazing. So many of the schools were trying to get me to commit early, they were one of the only ones who weren’t. They believed in me, and have showed trust in me. They told me their two goals were for there guys to get the chance to play professionally, and to get their guys set up with great jobs right after graduating. It is right in the silicone valley where you can get internships to big companies such as Apple or Google. Another huge part that went into it is that they are giving me the chance to compete right away my freshman year. The coaches and I have just built great relationships. They have all known each other for a long time, have coached together before, and all have the same mindset. Coach Brennan is doing something very special at San Jose State, and has the right coaching staff. They’ve talked about doing everything 100 percent regardless of what it is. Everybody is on the same page. Coach Gundy is very smart and is similar to my OC/ QB coach at my high school right now. They are all very family oriented and just made SJSU seem like one big family. They have trust in each other and have trust in me that I can do something great at SJSU. They absolutely love what I bring to the table. They said I am a pure passer and if nothing is there, I’m able to make a play with my legs if need be. They absolutely love me on the field and I was their #1 QB that they were recruiting. Not only do they love what I do on the field but they love me as a person off the field.”

QB Travis Mumphrey (UNLV)

“Like i said in my commitment speech, it’s a 40 year decision not a 4 year decision and UNLV offers me plenty more opportunities for my life after football. As you and I both know, Vegas is a big marketing area, and the field I plan on pursuing is in the business area, so me committing to UNLV around the big market was a no brainer. I could start some internships earlier than many others being in that area. As far as the football aspect, I feel like Coach Sanchez are already turning the program and I felt like I could go in turn it around even more being part of this. Coach T-Skip played a big part in my recruiting. The coaches like that I’m basically a resemblance of Armani Rogers. All of their coaching staff really played a big part, for example my parents and I really fell in love with David the academic counselor over there. As a quarterback, I’m an accurate thrower, good runner, a leader, and a proven winner.”

Recruiting Tidbits:


  • LS Aidan Livingston was offered by Air Force
  • OL/DL Joey Wright was offered by Nevada
  • CB Mark Ard was offered by Nevada


  • ATH Jordan Blakely committed to Air Force
  • TE Caden Blum committed to Air Force
  • ATH Brandon Schenks committed to Air Force
  • CB Dom Tatum committed to Nevada
  • QB Travis Mumphrey committed to UNLV (flipped from New Mexico)

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