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Mountaintop View 7-31-18

Read the latest from around the conference.

Wyoming v San Diego State Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Another day, another set of links. Today, we have a mix of MWC news and some general interesting college football articles.

New MWC TV deal could make or break things.

It’s one of the biggest topics going forward for the conference. As I outlined in my article last Wednesday when discussing the MWC and the AAC, it’s imperative they get a great deal, if for no other reason than to keep pace with the AAC. CBS Sports has exclusive rights initially, but if their deal leaves something to be desired, then it could go fully with ESPN or even going to streaming platforms. Boise State will continue to be negotiated separately.

Is it time for college football to stop focusing on TV?

This article outlines how TV has been king for awhile, but scheduling times and days has gotten a bit out of hand. The money keeps coming in, which is what conferences and schools really care about, but when will the bubble burst? And should schools once again focus on making a great fan game-day experience before that time comes?

Changes coming to RPO plays?

This seems to center around offensive lineman and how far they are allowed down the field on those plays. Also, it’s hard for refs to follow them and the ball on any given play. If any changes do end up coming in the next few years, it would really change the style of the game, as almost every offense uses the concept to some degree.

The biggest key to being a good coordinator in college football.

This is an interesting article. Often, we judge coordinators based on their play-calling, which is of course an important aspect. Instead, it’s how you communicate your messages and if the players can catch on to what you are teaching. It seems simple enough when you think about it, but how many “football geniuses” can’t communicate their vision to players, especially college players? There’s an anecdote between Chris Petersen and Bryan Harsin when Harsin was a GA and Petersen was the OC that illustrates this point well.

Extremely sad news coming out of Vegas.

On the horizon:

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  • Coming Wednesday: A MWC Fall Camp preview. Looking at interesting storylines and some things to watch for.
  • Coming Friday: The MWC Roundtable looks at
  • Coming Friday: Friday Night Lights takes a look at Granite Hills HS
  • Coming next week: Our Team Preview series will kick off next Monday.