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Mountaintop View 7-30-18

Monday links hot off the presses.

Colorado State v Nevada Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Welcome to fall camp week! Granted, three teams (Hawaii, Colorado State, and Wyoming) have already started. And the rest of the teams don’t start until the end of the week. But it’s fall camp week nonetheless. Here are some reading materials to help you get through the week.

Will it hurt the conference if Boise State runs the table?

This week in dumb controversial articles, we have this one. I get the point, that an undefeated team can mean the rest of the conference is weaker or is considered weaker, but winning is never a bad thing. What the conference needs is several strong teams to increase the perception of the conference. Winning out of conference and bowl games are a good start. That way to get the Group of 5 spot, a MWC team won’t have to go undefeated.

Scott Frost wants conference expansion, but leaves something out.

I, like Scott Frost, want conference expansion. I, like Scott Frost, want to see it expand to 8 teams. I, like Scott Frost, think it makes sense to give every conference champ an auto bid. However, Scott Frost, he that was the UCF head coach last year, doesn’t talk about the top Group of 5 champ getting an auto-bid, which has been discussed by others in the past. Oh well.

Reports from Hawaii camp.

The Rainbow Warriors are up and running for fall camp. Here is a nice report on the play of the six (yes six) quarterbacks currently splitting reps and competing to win the starting spot. This includes the two true freshmen, who are both very talented and very motivated to play.

Glimmer of hope for the Spartans this year?

Vic has done a tremendous job covering SJSU athletics the past year. So tremendous in fact, that he is now writing for the San Jose Mercury! He will be sorely missed, but has prepared us with a parting gift or two. Anyway, we will be featuring his new work in these posts so you can keep reading him. His first piece discuses how the Spartans could surprise some teams this year.

Wyoming announces some game times.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: The MWC Recruiting Roundup, with latest recruiting news and updates
  • Tuesday: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly features the Armed Forces Bowl
  • Coming Wednesday: A MWC Fall Camp preview. Looking at interesting storylines and some things to watch for.
  • Coming next week: Our Team Preview series will kick off next Monday.