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MWC Recruiting Roundup 7-30-18

Get caught up on the latest offers and commits in the MWC.

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Welcome back for another edition of the MWC Recruiting Roundup. Things are still a bit slow and likely will continue to be, even though the dead period was over this week. That’s because, as you may have heard, fall camp is starting. Coaches will turn their attention primarily to the players currently on their team and getting them ready for the season. Actually, for the month of August, we move back into a dead period (see more on that below). Hope you enjoyed the week of the “quiet period”. Even so, recruiting is constantly moving forward. This week, UNLV led the charge. They have steadily been putting together a good class all year, and picked up two more commitments this week.

Recruiting Calendar

The mothership details the recruiting calendar from now until signing day. As you can see, at the time of this posting, we are in a quiet period. However, that will only last until Wednesday. The new month means back into a dead period for all of August. Then, things will pick up a ton. Starting in September, recruits can take on campus visits and coaches can go to games to evaluate players. Also, I believe that is also the date that official offers get sent out and when teams can begin to contact players in the 2020 class. Anyway, here is the link.

Commitment Spotlight

Brad Roberts (Air Force)

“I committed because I wanted to get a great education to set me up for the rest of my life, and to play a high level of Division 1 football. Air Force recruited me as a RB but other schools recruited me for defense as well, so I feel like I’m pretty versatile. They liked my speed, size, and strength and thought I would be a great fit for their offense. My current high school team, we run the veer right now, but do have some plays with the triple option so it won’t be that hard to adjust that much. As for me and the coaches, I’d say our relationships are good. I get along real well with the running backs coach and the head coach. I’m very excited to start working with them once I get on campus.”

OL Addison Batton (Air Force)

“I really wanted to be able to focus on my season, so plan was to commit before then. The visit to Air Force really impressed me. The main reasons for choosing them were the life after the academy and the facilities are amazing! I love the coaches, Coach Vanderlinden, Coach Lobotzke, and Coach Calhoun are all great guys! I think they really like my size and my ability to use my power on the field as an offensive lineman. I think my strengths are I have really good hands and am able to play in space at tackle or inside at guard. They haven’t said what I’ll play yet, but I could see myself as a college interior lineman even though I’m capable of playing both.

LS Aiden Kneller (New Mexico)

“I was offered by UNM this weekend while visiting and decided to commit before I left, although I didn’t announce it until I got home. Really, I just started looking at schools based on my position and the opportunities I would have there at each place. UNM was a good fit positionally. After I visited in April, it felt like home. I really like my opportunities at the school in the classroom as well, I’m thinking about med school as a possibility. The clincher for me was the coaching staff and their straight forward approach, especially Coach Eliano. They are really honest. There was no generalized “coach speak” with them. Everything we discussed was specific to me. They told me the things they liked, the things to work on, as well as what their specialists are working on and what they expect from me. The coaches really liked my accuracy, speed, and size. The sequence of snappers depth chart wise works well for me too. LC is a senior this season and Jared is a sophomore. So when I come in we will be in the Jr/Fr sequence, which is great. I really value my ability to be accurate with my snaps. Overall, I am really excited about what I see going on at the school. Huge bummer about the loss of sports, but there are new buildings going up on campus, the rec center is being updated, and it seemed like the areas around campus are renovating also.”

TE Rahmod Smith (UNLV)

“I committed to UNLV because of the great relationships I’ve been building. Plus, I love traveling, and I feel like I can be a huge impact for the team and dominate the conference with my play. My strengths are definitely my hands. Also, I’m a good route-runner and am quick for a TE. Their plan for me is to primarily play tight end, but also might mix it up at wide receiver as well. My relationships with the coaches are great. Coach Justice, Coach Cotton and Coach Sanchez built a very great relationships with me. like the way they communicate always checking and they like the player and type of kid I am on and off the field.

S Kyron White (SDSU)

“I committed mainly because I loved the environment and the way the coaches made me feel at home. I fell in love with the campus to be specific; it’s just an overall great place to be. Coach Horton played a huge factor.. he is a real genuine guy and I can tell he wants the best for me. The staff, they see me as a free safety because they like my aggression and ability to make plays. As a player, I think my strengths are my leadership skills, my ability to make game changing plays and my range as a safety as in being able to fly all around the field.”

Recruiting Tidbits


  • DE Deonte Washington was offered by Air Force
  • RB/DB Reggie Strong was offered by Colorado State
  • 2021 QB Jake Rubley was offered by Colorado State
  • 2020 DB Rodney Robinson was offered by New Mexico
  • 2020 ATH Kamron Forest was offered by Utah State


  • RB Brad Roberts committed to Air Force
  • OL Addison Batton committed to Air Force
  • LS Aiden Kneller committed to New Mexico
  • S Kyron White committed to SDSU
  • TE Rahmod Smith committed to UNLV
  • Grantis Poole committed to UNLV

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