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NCAA Football: Hawaii Bowl-Hawaii at Middle Tennessee Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Here at MWCConnection, we are committed to bringing the best Mountain West coverage we possibly can. Halfway through the summer, we had a writer to cover every team. However, life happens and now we have some openings. To highlight a few, Reo has taken an internship in the Wyoming sports department, Mike Garcia took on a new job, and Vic was hired on by the San Jose Mercury to cover Spartan sports there. Thus, we are looking for more writers to join our team.

Where do we need help?

Primarily there is a need for people who are interested in covering football and basketball for one of the teams in the conference. Currently the openings we have covering teams are: New Mexico, San Jose State, and UNLV. We could also use some help with our daily Mountaintop View links articles.

However, conference coverage can go beyond writing about the teams. If you have an idea for a need or idea that we either don’t currently cover, or could cover in greater detail, feel free to contact us about that as well. That could include things like: the MWC in general, stats, recruiting, basketball, baseball, or other conference sports.

Want to cover a team, but we already have a writer? Contact us anyway and maybe we can find a role for you.

Who should apply?

Anyone! Preferably those with some previous writing experience. As long as you can prove yourself as a solid wordsmith and are passionate about a team or the Mountain West in general, you’d be a good fit for our site.

As far as requirements, those covering a team would be asked to produce 2 posts per week (game previews and recaps), although anyone can certainly write more than that.

How to apply?

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please send an email to both and explaining a bit about yourself, what interest or ideas you think you could bring to the table, as well as a writing sample (preferably sports writing).

We are looking to get new writers up and running during August so they will be ready to go once the season starts.