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Mountaintop View 7-20-2018

Football, Football and Football

NCAA Football: Armed Forces Bowl-San Diego State vs Army Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Friday is here again and another Viewtop to wrap up the week is in order. Let's go.

Rashaad Penny is still a beast.

In a draft with Barkley it can be easy to forget just how good Penny was. The first around pick to Seattle had over 2200 yard JUST LAST SEASON. He was named the Male Athlete of the Year by the Mountain West Conference.

Forbes took a look at college teams who spent a TON on their program.

Forbes reviewed a few schools that they believe just spent way too much on their football programs and unfortunately, Colorado State is on this list due to their new stadium.

Boise State's defense is looking to eat Mountain West QBs lunches this year.

Jabril Frazier is coming into the season with some lofty expectations this season, and is expecting to deliver.

Hawaii running back (or maybe receiver?) James Green had an interesting journey to get to Hawaii.

Green's story is an interesting one, with stories from a lot of interested coaches.

On the horizon:

  • Today: The MWC Roundtable discusses who has the best defense in the conference.
  • Today: A new Friday Night Lights post featuring Lawndale high school.