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MWC Recruiting Roundup 7-2-18

July recruiting rankings

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June was an exceptionally busy recruiting month in the Mountain West Conference. This week was more of the same with 17 recruits committing to a MWC school. Many teams were were involved as 9 teams picked up a verbal pledge, including Wyoming, who secured their first of the class. Nevada continued their streak, and Utah State and SJSU had big weeks with 3 each. However, the Aztecs and their 3 commits take home the lead photo this week. Hear from many of the new commits below and also check out our updated July recruiting rankings.

July MWC Recruiting Rankings

Here’s the June version if you need a refresher. Lots of movement has been made and now that all but one of the teams have a verbal commit, teams have started to spread out a bit more. Check it out.

  1. Boise State: Two 4-star commits goes a long way. Especially when they are a QB and a pass-rusher. They’ve locked in their top choices for QB, RB, and DEs.
  2. Nevada: No one made a higher jump in the past month. Nevada didn’t even have a commit at the time of our last rankings. Now they have jumped all the way to second. 8 commits will help with that.
  3. SDSU: In typical Aztecs recruiting fashion, they’ve quietly jumped up the rankings these past few weeks. They have picked up three commits in the past week, including the younger brother of 1st round pick Rashaad Penny.
  4. UNLV: The Rebels have certainly handed out a ton of offers and they are getting the results of that to some extent as well, hauling in 5 verbals at this point. They have some really talented athletes early in the game, which is always a good thing.
  5. SJSU: The Spartans are another team that have quietly been doing good work on the recruiting trail. They’ve picked up a QB, DL, WR and a CB since June 24th, putting them in the top half of the rankings.
  6. Hawaii: Their class is compromised of 3 players at this time, but those 3 are all solidly ranked recruits. They are making a more concentrated effort to recruit the islands, plus the west coast, and are already seeing results.
  7. Utah State: The gap between 4 and 7 is very tight and the Aggies could easily be higher on this list, as they have gotten some nice players. Especially at QB and LB. They’ve also gotten a late push do to recent recruiting success.
  8. Air Force: 247 says they have 6 commits, but since the Falcons usually end up with 100 or so, we really only look at the their top 15-20 commits when all is said and done. That being said, they snagged a nice LB commit and have some good pieces elsewhere. Maybe 8th is too low but hard to say those in front of them haven’t been doing great work.
  9. New Mexico: After starting out hot and ahead of most other teams, the Lobos haven’t kept pace and have been passed by a bit. But with all the hot streaks going on, it’s very hard to keep up the pace.
  10. Colorado State: It was about 4 months between commitments in the Rams 2019 class, but they have a pair of solid DBs. Nothing wrong with that, but the other teams are ahead of them right now.
  11. Fresno State: Still a slow start for the Bulldogs. As was said last time, they JUCO QB commit is a solid pick up. But at this time, when that’s all they have, hard to rank them higher.
  12. Wyoming: The only team in the conference without a commit, until Sunday anyway. Their commit brings something to the table, but hard to have them higher until they get things going a bit more. Don’t expect them to be here in February though.

As you may know by now, I’m also a fan of the tier system when it comes to rankings. This tells the same story from a different angle and sometimes gives a clearer picture of the gap, or lack of, between teams. If people had teams in the same tier, but disagreed on the rankings, I wouldn’t put up too much of a fight.

Tier 1: Boise State

Tier 2: Nevada

Tier 3: SDSU, UNLV, Hawaii, SJSU, Utah State

Tier 4: Air Force, New Mexico

Tier 5: Colorado State

Tier 6: Fresno State

Tier 7: Wyoming

Commitment Spotlight

DB Tiger Peterson (Hawaii)

“The biggest thing that went into my decision of committing was the connections you make by playing at Hawaii and the biggest one of all, playing in front of my family. They were there every step of the way, they never missed a game so I wanted them to be there for my college games too. The thing that stood out to me when I went on my unofficial to Hawaii was they’re schedule for my first two years there, it’s really competitive. My freshman year were scheduled to play Arizona, Oregon State and Washington. My sophomore year we are scheduled to play Arizona and Oregon. This is what stood out to me the most because we get to compete against Power 5 schools. I love competition and that will be some strong competitors. Throughout the past 2 years I’ve made a very strong connection with the coaches. They always check up on me and ask me how I’m doing. They’ve always been on me hard. The thing I like about the coaches at Hawaii is that they know what they’re doing. I’ve worked with them many times and they always know what to critique me on and I like that, I like that there’s always room for improvement with them, you can never be ok there’s always room for improvement. I really like what Coach Rolo is building up there. They’re trying to get more Hawaii boys to stay home to make Hawaii football like it was back then when all the local boys stayed home. I like that, I can’t wait to get more Hawaii boys to join! Coach Corey Batoon the Defensive Coordinator envisions me playing the hybrid safety/linebacker position. It’s a new position in the Hawaii defense that Coach Batoon brought with him this year. Coach Batoon really likes my ability to play near the box, being a physical player who can fit the run and my ability to drop back into coverage.”

DB Avery Carrington (Nevada)

“I committed due to me realizing that when I had left Nevada that there was nothing lacking about the school the campus looked like it was built yesterday and the facilities fit my need and that all I needed to become the player I wanna be and of course the great relationships that I had built with the coaches. They were very genuine to me and my family just really trying to get to know us better. The recruiting process had started in the spring Nevada had sent there DB’s coach David Lockwood to come see me in person, and the very next day the had sent out Jeff Casteel the DC just to confirm what Coach lock had seen. And that next week I had got a call from Jay Norvell himself and he was excited to announce that they were going to offer me a scholarship! They have been contacting me a lot even before the visit and really wanted to bring me on! They were saying the the system is tailor made for me since they run a 3-3-5 with 3 safeties. They plan to play me at the spur safety which comes on the edge time to time. Can be the high safety and can cover the slot. As a really good tackler I’m not afraid to come down in the box plus as safeties all we do is cover in side receivers so there’s nothing new there and if I have to go high I have played receiver before so I know how to high point and always had a nose for the ball.”

DB Jayce Godley (Nevada)

“When I went on my official there I immediately felt the love they had for me and my family. And the whole weekend I was up there they showed me a really good time and showed me what they’re really about. They were really excited. They wanted me to make my decision on my visit there but I wanted to come home and really sit down with my family and think about the overall visit and committing or not. Well they say love my versatility they run a defense that has 3 safeties and they say the way I play I can play all three of them and I come in as freshman and really help there defense. I think my strengths are that I’m the size that I am and I can still come down in the box and play the slot or just have me free as the safety.”

WR Marcus Miller (Air Force)

“The biggest reason for me is that it just felt like home and felt right for me but then also the coaching staff is just amazing and I thought it was an amazing opportunity to play big time football as well as challenging myself all around. For me I just mesh really well with Coach Stubblefield who’s gonna be my position coach. He knows the position inside in out because he’s been doing it and he played it in college and then the rest of the staff is the same way. They all care about you even outside of football and that’s what really sold it for me. They said they can use me in a lot of different places from playing Z and doing some quick pitch stuff from the motion and also playing slot. But then they also said I could be really dynamic as a return man.”

ATH Brionne Penny (SDSU)

“The main reason I committed to SDSU is because it’s a great place to go and just playing for a wonderful city and it’s a lot of support not only thinking about football it’s really after that like for my career and all that. My relationship with the coaches is great Coach Coop, White and Long are all like family. They are great people when you meet them, they are good hearted people every time you see them they have a smile on their face. Well far as position I love WR on the offensive side of the ball but I don’t have no problem whatsoever to playing Safety at SDSU. As far as my brother having an impact on the decision, as everyone knows he did great as well but the biggest impact on me was how the culture is down there and how everyone down there is like family. I can’t wait til I touch home!”

HB Parker Christensen (Wyoming)

“I felt most at home there, and I was most comfortable with the coaching staff. I feel that the coaching staff is very mature with academics, and the facilities are amazing. I’m humbled to be able to represent my state! They kept in contact with me throughout the recruiting process and were always open to questions. When I went down to camp, they made me feel at home within their program. They were also very straightforward with me throughout and I really liked that. It made me know exactly what to expect. They like that I’m versatile and can play multiple positions. They are recruiting me for H-back.”

LB Michael Shawcroft (SDSU)

“Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to get east this summer let me focus on the schools here out west. And overall playing at home and being at SDSU I felt was just the best fit for me. The defense they run was a big reason too. In their 3-3-5 I feel like I can play multiple LB positions if not all of them really. Most likely the Mike but we haven’t really discussed it. They like that I’m physical, I can run and overall that I’m just a play maker. That scheme should be a good fit.”

Visit Recap

OL Konner Gomness (Hawaii)

“Man it was beautiful there. I felt like I was in a movie the whole time. The coaching staff is great and I think they have a great up and coming program. There’s nothing like living in paradise while you’re in college. As far as the coaching staff, they all get along and strum to the same beat. Coach Rolo has recruited a team that red-shirted last year, but is hungry and ready to get some wins under their belt. Coach Weber said he was impressed with my football IQ. As an OL guy, I think some of my strengths are pass pro and being able to break down the defense. For next steps, the plan is just to take some more visits in this fall and just send some more tape out.”

Recruiting Tidbits


  • DB Sebastian Burke was offered by Air Force
  • QB Zach Daniel was offered by Hawaii
  • Tooni Ikahihfo was offered by Nevada
  • OL Nikko Pohahau was offered by SJSU
  • 2020 RB Jakai Torres was offered by SJSU
  • WR/DB Cam Gardner was offered by UNLV
  • ATH Javan Singletary was offered by UNLV
  • CB Caleb Roberson was offered by Wyoming


  • OL Thor Paglialong committed to Air Force
  • WR Marcus Miller committed to Air Force
  • CB Paul Edwards committed to Colorado State
  • DB Tiger Peterson committed to Hawaii
  • DE Breylon Garcia committed to Nevada
  • DB Jayce Goodley committed to Nevada
  • LB Michael Shawcroft committed to SDSU
  • ATH Brionne Penny committed to SDSU
  • OL Brandon Crenshaw-Dickson committed to SDSU
  • QB Alec Trujillo committed to SJSU
  • DT William Vehikite committed to SJSU
  • WR Joshua Kelly committed to SJSU
  • WR Stevie Jenks committed to UNLV
  • DB Chance Lovato committed to Utah State
  • WR Cole Motes committed to Utah State
  • OL Aric Davison committed to Utah State
  • HB Parker Christensen committed to Wyoming

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