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Mountaintop View 7-19-18

Lobos, Wolf Pack, Rebels & Aztec news for today

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Lobos on the verge

Just this past April, the UNM regents proposed a plan to drop several sports to try and balance their current operating budget of over $30 million. They expect another year in the red which will make 9 of 11 years of compounding losses. Early July was the expected deadline of exactly which sports to cut and supposedly any sport to be cut would be given a year’s notice.

Top players in the Mountain West

With just over a month until the start of football season, the Reno Gazette takes a stab at their list of top 40 players in the conference. Mostly the Broncos, Wolf Pack, Cowboys, Aztecs and Bulldogs populate their list with only the Spartans having no representation.

Wolf Pack football secondary staff will be all new in 2018

After not retaining their safeties coach right after last season; cornerback coach, Courtney Vine, has just left the program as well. Not a good sign for head coach Norvell after his secondary really struggled last season. The way things are going, it shouldn’t be a surprise if the despair continues in their secondary this coming season.

The Rebels new football facility is falling short

Costs for the new UNLV football complex have risen over 20% to $30+ million from the original $24-$26 million projection just two years ago. They say the athletic funds committee is committed to finding and raising more money to close the gap - a gap which will probably continue to creep upwards. Coach Sanchez has always been counting on the lure of the new facility, but for the time-being, his staff will remain at their current complex for awhile longer.

Aztec basketball hire is all in the family

Coach Dutcher’s values and integrity shows in how he encourages and hires his staff. Assistant coach Jay Morris came full circle in the Mountain West from gaining experience from the likes of Eric Musselman at Nevada to the challenges at San Jose State. Now he’s back with Aztecs and expects to be the generational bridge to the players, among many other things, of course.