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Mountaintop View 7-12-18

Cowboys, Rams, Aggies & Aztecs in our roundup today

Photo by Ethan Miller

Does the world need more cowboys?

Wyoming’s latest brand campaign is facing a race and gender debate around a new slogan, “Does the world need more cowboys?” At face value in today’s dynamic social climate, that phrase certainly conjures an expected stereotype, which does not speak to key markets for the university.

A whirlwind start for the Aggies new basketball head coach

Craig Smith has been on the job for only three months and he’s starting off with a bang. From moving in his family to mingling with alumni and the community to experiencing what the area has to offer his personal life - lies the massive upheaval he’s dealing with as he tries to mold a competitive team and fill out his coaching staff.

Injured Colorado Ram QB ready in week 1?

Less than two years ago, then freshman Collin Hill suffered his first ACL tear. Earlier this year, he re-tore the same ACL playing basketball. Coach Bobo is entertaining the idea he might be ready in week 1 to start playing? If that sounds a bit aggressive, it’s because the program has high hopes that a healthy Hill can help them finally break that 7 win plateau - which is tomorrow’s article BTW:)

Evaluating talent, a heralded skill

The Aztecs have been showing a knack of recognizing talent and potential early on with recruits who aren’t on anyone’s recruiting radar for years. But that doesn’t last long with hot success. The big boys are trying to cut in front of the line to snatch recruits that Aztecs coach Brian Dutcher and staff have been fostering for years. It’s a testament to the heralded skill of evaluating talent.