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MWCConnection Recruiting Predictions 7-1-18

Where will they go?

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Recruiting bring up lots of excitement to those who follow, especially as recruits get ready to make their announcements. Today, we have a recruiting announcement that could have major implications in the Mountain West Conference.

4-star Safety Chris Adimora is set to make his commitment today at 2pm Pacific Time. Where will he end up? That’s the burning question.

What we know:

Multiple sources say the decision will come down to either Texas or Boise State.

Chris has only taken one official visit, to Boise State, just a few weeks ago. The visit must’ve solidified that either BSU or Texas were the school for him if he is deciding so quickly following the visit. He has also taken unofficial visits to Texas a few times.

His high school head coach, Derek Bedell is the brother of Boise State OL coach Brad Bedell. For the record, Derek has been determined not to use the obvious connection to influence Chris, instead choosing to act as a sounding board as opposed to being in his ear all the time. Still, Chris told MWCConnection following his OV that he gets the same type of connection from Brad as he does Derek.

Relationships are important to Chris, as they are for most recruits. That is often the leading factor when recruits make decisions.

Prestige and big names or conference affiliations are not important to Chris. While he views Boise State as a big time program, it doesn’t matter to him what conference they play in.

Similarly, he understands that it’s better to be at a school that fits well than be at just the biggest or best name. Mayfair HS is a program that is competitive, but if Adimora cared about a big name, he would’ve transferred to a school like Mater Dei or St John Bosco. He really enjoys how well it fits at Mayfair and is looking for a similar fit in college. (That doesn’t mean Texas isn’t a good fit just because it is the longer history, but rather the conference or prestige appeal isn’t what is attracting him to Texas).


Mike: This one is extremely close. I could really see it going either way. I think the relationships with the coaches and the feel from each visit are pretty similar. Likewise, I think he could make an immediate impact, be very productive, and be developed into an NFL prospect. Deciding 2 weeks after the BSU visit is interesting. Either it convinced him Boise State was the school for him or it didn’t compare to Texas. I’ll say tiebreaker goes to Brad Bedell connection but not too sure. Boise State 55%, Texas 45%

Zach: This is one of the most interesting recruitments I have ever seen. Adimora is an elite recruit, he has offers from some of the top schools in the nation. Boise has proved that it can pull in top level recruits over the past few years. Pell and Kline have been noticeably aggressive in their recruitment of Adimora. Maybe Adimora has built a relationship with the staff and recruits at Boise State that surpasses the allure of a traditional powerhouse like Texas. I hope I am wrong, but from the research I have done, my gut tells me that Adimora will pick Texas. Boise State 40%, Texas 60%

Your turn: Where do you think he will end up? Comment below.