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Mountaintop View 6/7/18

Promise for the Aggies, one former Bulldog, San Diego pro ball

NCAA Football: Stanford at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Aggies 2018 football looks promising

My 2018 bowl predictions has Utah as the next best team to win a bid; right after Boise, San Diego and Fresno. The Aggies schedule looks quite conducive for at least a 7-8 win season.

Canvas Stadium?

The Ram’s new stadium name invites a head tilt and a bit of bewilderment, but nonetheless it should grow on you? Maybe? Maybe not? Well for tens of millions of dollars in just naming rights, Colorado made out well.

Also, a Rams retrospective bonus for fans only: a musical slideshow of their 2017 season

A once major football recruit

Former Bulldog Ben Simonds was once one of the most highly touted lineman in the country coming out of LaQuinta High School in Fresno. His poignant introspective is a must read. It will leave open questions of the Bulldog program in what is still the underbelly of this great sport.

A rich San Diego football history

Hometown boy, Super Bowl winner and Aztec Air Coryell disciple - Mike Martz - gets ‘chills’ as he brings back professional football to this city.