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Mountaintop View 6-4-18

Aztec baseball, running backs, and redshirts.

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Mountaintop View is back and ready for another week full of links. Though there may be no sports going on in the conference for the summer, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any coverage or stories about our beloved teams.

San Diego State is eliminated and MWC sports are done until the fall.

Like the Boise State softball team a few weeks ago, the Aztec baseball team did not make it out of the first weekend of the NCAA tourney, losing both of their games. Still, it was an impressive run and they look to be built for sustained success for the next few seasons.

Coach Pete interviewed by the Athletic.

Although Chris Petersen is now the coach at Washington, he’s still one of the best coaches in the college football and certainly one of the better interviews. He offers his unique perspective on a number of topics, including discussing social issues, preparing his athletes for the real world, and how he devotes his time as the head coach.

3 Mountain West RBs crack Athlon’s top 50.

Boise State, San Diego State, and UNLV are all featured on the list. The order isn’t necessarily how I would do it, but take a look for yourself and decide where those 3 should fall.

Why Central Florida didn’t make the college football playoff.

Hint: It’s because they weren’t Alabama or a Power 5 team. However, if you want to hear the CFP director’s explanation, then read the story. He highlights schedule as the main concern (how dare a team in the AAC not play 5 teams in the SEC!). In all fairness, their out of conference schedule was not extremely strong.

Benefits of altering the redshirt rule.

We at MWCConnection have been a proponent of this rule ever since it was proposed late in 2017. This article illustrates how it can only bring good things to the game of college football. Being able to get up to 4 games of experience and still not burn a redshirt, plus help with injuries down the stretch will only improve the quality of the game. June 12-13 is the next opportunity for the rule to be approved by the backwards thinkers at the NCAA.

On the horizon:

  • From Friday: Our Friday Night Lights series kicked off with Mayfair HS.
  • From yesterday: The Coach lists the 5 biggest MWC returnees from the NBA draft process.
  • Later today: The MWC Recruiting Roundup looks at the latest offers, commits, visits, and camps from around the conference.
  • Coming Wednesday: A look at the benefit of summer camps, especially “satellite camps”.