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MWC Recruiting Roundup 6-4-18

Interviews with commits and visitors from the past week.

NCAA Football: New Mexico at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first MWC Recruiting Roundup in June. As you can probably tell, the Spring Evaluation Period ended as the calendar flipped into the new month. And with the number of offers dramatically decreasing the past two weeks, most schools finished their four-week allotment before the end of May anyway. Nevertheless, the Recruiting Roundup presses on. We have conversations with five recruits this week for readers to enjoy. Although Air Force had the most offers this past week with six, the photo banner goes to New Mexico, who has secured three commits in the past two weeks.

Next week look for the first MWCConnection Recruiting Rankings for the 2019 class. Even though about half the teams don’t have a commit yet, we are also in month 5 of the recruiting year, so it is time to do a check in anyway. Then probably the first Monday of every month we will do updated rankings to illustrate how teams rise and fall between now and next February.

Checking In With...

JUCO OT Ryan Tantum

“I have offers from New Mexico and San Jose State right now. I like San Jose State because it’s close to home but New Mexico believed in me first. But my recruiting is still wide open right now because it’s early. I’m grateful for any school that believes in me and wants to give me an opportunity. These schools are looking at me at offensive tackle. As a player, I think I have good feet and movement in space and I’m good against speed rushers off the edge. I’m spending the off-season trying to improve upon driving my hips all the way through on drive blocks and being looser in my hips and ankles.”

Visit Recap

ATH Matty Horne (UNLV)

“Yes I really had a wonderful time. I had so many highlights it’s not even funny. One of the biggest highlights was meeting the coaches and having 1 on 1 time with them and my family. Another thing is all the players that reached out to me and came and hung out with me and took me to show me around the city. I love many things about the city it was my first time there but there was constant energy and the city lights at night was just beautiful. Coach and I talked about where they come from and their background and why they choose me as someone they think could fit on the team. We talked about our families. The coaches also talked about my size; they were loving my frame and length. They are recruiting me as a Safety. They said I’m a big safety and did my height and weight; I was 6’1.5 191. I think I can bring a lot of energy to a college defense and help a team win and compete for a championship.”

OL Blake Feigenspan (Hawaii)

“My visit to Hawaii was great! The facilities were beautiful and the coaching staff really made it feel like home. It was great talking football with numerous coaches like Coach Weber (OL) and Coach Rolovich. I also watched practice and was really impressed with the way they ran things, especially the OL. Overall it was a great experience. This was an unofficial visit. We mostly talked about the scheme they want to run, and how I can fit into the scheme. I also watched practice film with Coach Weber and talked about the techniques and mindset he wants to teach to the o-line. Coach Weber thinks I could fit into their new run and shoot scheme because of my athleticism at the center position. I also think I would fit very well with Coach Weber. He is a technician and knows a lot about the game, so it would be great to learn from him. As far as my strengths, I like to think that my football IQ is something that stands out as well as my technique as an o-lineman. I will always give my best effort and dedication to the game as well.”

Commitment Spotlight

RB Chad Alexander (New Mexico)

“I just think New Mexico is a good school. I can tell that they really like me, that was the only school giving me phone calls & sending mail & checking on me so often. They were always checking in to see how I’m doing. The coaches told me that they like how I run the ball and they said I’m a good ball player with the ball in my hands and I can make plays. I feel that my strengths as a player as that I’m good between the tackles, a good outside runner and when I find a lane, I can blow past a defender.”

JUCO OL Austin Cook

“I decided to commit because I was loved the coaches, the facilities, and the weather in New Mexico. With the coaches, I really just liked how honest and upfront they were with me. I felt like I could really trust them and what they were telling me. They really like my size; I’m 6’5 and 300lbs. My best trait I think is I would consider myself a very coachable player.”

Recruiting Tidbits


  • WR Elijah Downing was offered by Air Force
  • DB Michael Erhart was offered by Air Force
  • LB Tyler Kinslow was offered by Air Force
  • DL Malik Scurlock was offered by Air Force
  • RB Thomas Kinslow was offered by Air Force
  • S Tuasivi Nomura was offered by Air Force
  • DB Jaylen Martin was offered by Colorado State
  • OL/DL Brandon Yates was offered by Colorado State
  • OL Landon Peterson was offered by Colorado State
  • LB John Ward was offered by Colorado State and Hawaii
  • OL Alec Bank was offered by Fresno State
  • LB Rashard Revels was offered by Nevada
  • OL/DL Ashton Adams was offered by Nevada
  • 2020 OL Joey Wright was offered by Nevada
  • 2022 Brannan Mannix was offered by Nevada
  • JUCO OT Ryan Tantum was offered by SJSU
  • 2020 ATH Jordan Banks was offered by SJSU
  • WR Rahmod Smith was offered by UNLV
  • DB Dom Chapman was offered by UNLV
  • OL Ronald Folkes was offered by UNLV
  • WR Jamahd Monroe was offered by UNLV
  • DE Logan Maxwell was offered by Utah State
  • RB Tyler Van Arden was offered by Wyoming
  • DT Nassir Sims was offered by Wyoming
  • DB JL Skinner was offered by Wyoming
  • DE Soli Paleso’o was offered by Wyoming
  • CB Kieran Clark was offered by Wyoming
  • RB/MLB Parker Christensen was offered by Wyoming


  • 2020 DB Hunter Hall was at Boise State camp
  • 2020 DL Nofoafia Tulafono was named MVP at Whittier College camp (Boise State satellite)
  • DE Ben Schneider was at Wyoming camp.


  • ATH Matty Horne visited UNLV
  • OL Blake Feigenspan visited Hawaii
  • QB Austin Kirksey visited Nevada
  • CB Kacee Williams will visit Nevada June 22nd

Spring Evals:

  • Nevada: Oklahoma City, Portland, New Jersey and the LA area.


  • JUCO OL Austin Cook committed to New Mexico

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