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Mountaintop View 6-28-18

All-time Colorado Rams, Sudan to Wyoming, NBAer joins the Spartans, Vanderbilt, the World Cup

Photo by Ethan Miller

The All-Time Colorado Rams football team

Earlier this month, thousands of Colorado fans and alumni voted for their first and second team, all-time gridiron rosters, along with some honorable mentions. Rams players from the 1960’s to current day populate these special rosters.

Lots of CSU basketball players participating in international play

Two current members of the Rams women’s team and four former members of the women’s team are taking part in European Championships this summer, while one former and one current Ram player from the men’s team take part in the FIBA Basketball World Cup this coming weekend in Valenzuela.

The African jetstream feeds into Wyoming too

Just as the Aztecs have a fleet of long, athletic players from this continent, Wyoming also gets a well-focused Sudanese among their ranks. Lwal Dung, an incorrect spelling of his name actually, expects to shore up the turnover for Cowboy’s basketball and provide support for returning senior, Justin James.

Former NBA 1st rounder joins the Spartan staff

In a much needed boost for San Jose’s struggling basketball program, Julius Hodge is an injection of NBA experience and new coaching chops. His addition expects to add another dimension of potential for the players, recruits and head coach Jean Prioleau.

Wolf Pack the easiest FBS opponent for Vanderbilt?

This one just caught my eye for a number of reasons:

  1. Nevada was on the fence for many of our MWC staff to possibly make a bowl game.
  2. There’s some bad blood connection between these two teams who’ve never met (head coaches and a top receiver)
  3. A decent chance for a Mountain West team vs. a Southeasten conference team, yes!

If Nevada can bring some D, there’s a good chance.

World Cup Soccer style tournament for college football, why not!

While wandering Germany recently and experiencing World Cup fever there, what if college football’s top 32 were put into four pots of eight and a random draw just like soccer’s World Cup - check out Yahoo Sports take on it.