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Mountaintop View 6-27-18

$$$, Boise State stuff, Nevada stuff, and Europe invasions!

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NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Hump day links are here! We have lots of conference news for you today.

Bulls coach praises Hutchison, Coach Rice.

It sounds like the Bulls have been on Chandler for quite a long time, dating back to his sophomore season before his transformed into the player he is today. But that transformation also convinced Bulls brass that he could have an NBA future. Coach Fred Hoiberg, who used to coach at Iowa State, had lots of praise for Boise State coach Leon Rice and the program he has built.

European Invasion?

25 European football (American) prospects were touring some colleges when a surprising thing happened... one of them was offered a scholarship. Virginia offered QB Luke Wentz, along with 5 others, following their showing at one of their summer camps. Understandably they are quite raw to football but coaches are loving their athleticism. Offers seem to be increasing over the past few years.

Got to the college playoff? Your coach is due for a hefty raise.

This doesn’t apply to any schools in the MWC of course, but it is an interesting read on the cost of winning these days. As the article illustrates, most coaches see quite an increase in annual salary after making it to the big game. Heck, even going to the semi-final and losing sometimes merits a nice pay bump. Success comes at a price.

Top Nevada assistant moving on to Texas Southern.

You may have heard this before, but success comes at a price. One of those is money, but another is top assistants leaving. Nick Saban experiences it on an annual basis. Boise State has been dealing with it for most of this decade. Fresno State saw their DC leave after a successful season. Nevada hoops isn’t immune to it either. Johnny Jones will become the head coach at Texas Southern. His heart was also as a head coach and can’t fault a guy for that.

Hope is not lost for MWC in Vegas?

On the horizon:

  • Later today: We take a look at non-conference schedules of MWC and which teams has the best shot to get some wins.
  • Friday: The Roundtable examines Wyoming in year 1 of post-Josh Allen
  • Friday: The Friday Night Lights series will focus on Gonzales High School