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Mountaintop View 6-18-18

$$$, true Hawaiian spirit, bowling, and twitter-feud.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Monday has crept up upon us once again. But never fear, we have a full slate of links to keep you occupied until the day is over.

The New Mexico saga continues...

In the latest development of what New Mexico athletics, they listed scholarships in the budget lines. In a surprise to no one, the football program and its 85 scholarships stick out as it costs roughly $8.2 million. This is more than double the cost of the next highest sport (MBB). Similarly, the $1.7 million in scholarships is set aside for the football team, with women’s soccer the next highest at just $304,393. This is definitely a story that isn’t over, as it seems like the loss of some sports are inevitable.

Broncos hoops doing more with less.

A great in-depth article by the Idaho Press-Tribune. Boise State has consistently been in the top part of the conference in men’s basketball since Leon Rice took over the program, being the only team to finish top 3 the past 4 seasons. They’ve also been near the bottom in program spending. The article lays out how they have to be creative with spending and where Rice would like to see the money go (player welfare and recruiting). He is trying to model the program after both Boise State football and Gonzaga basketball, both of which have found success with consistent winning despite less resources.

Follow up on Hawaii’s Hilo camp.

Last week is was discussed about the NCAA exception granted to Hawaii to host a football camp on a high school campus for those players due to the volcanoes. For the 80 athletes who attended, it was not only a time for on the field instruction and development. But it was also a chance to boost morale and takes their minds off of the stressful real-life difficulties they are facing. As Rolo said, “Only in true Hawaiian spirit would this have been possible.”

College Football News Preview: UNLV

Their preview series continues. They highlight the stability at QB with Rodgers, the offensive line, and versatility on defense. Although they do point out their defensive lacks size and won’t be dominant, but will be good enough not to hold back the offense. It discusses the need to utilize the passing game more and how they will have to figured out the DL. They predict the Rebs go bowling this year.

Mountain West fires back at the AAC.

It wasn’t Wendy’s level tweeting, but the official account for the MWC made its point that their group of teams is strong, at least when it comes to Learfield Director’s Cup Rankings. This attempts to measure success in multiple sports

Hutchison to the Bulls?

On the horizon:

  • Later today: The weekly MWC Recruiting Roundup. Lots of interviews with new commits, visitors, and a few other recruits.
  • Coming Tuesday: A brand new series called The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.
  • Coming Wednesday: A look at the recruiting of each MWC the past few seasons.