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Mountaintop View 6-14-18

Incoming freshman sparks, Spartan AD Mary Tuite, another Warriors altercation

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

SJSU’s AD Mary Tuite is dead serious

With her friendly demeanor, she makes her presence and passion known, though she says she needs to do a lot more. Spartan AD Mary Tuite is just starting the resurgence for the Spartans by building more infrastructure and finding more resources. This telling piece offers insights to where they are retrospective to the entirety of the conference.

Rainbow Warrior players in altercation

What is the cumulative effect of run-ins with the law? It always looks bad on the program and Coach Rolo, even though these players were actually trying to do something noble. Considering this is a swing year for the Rainbow Warriors program, why does it usually seem to have fairly significant players caught up in these things?

A dual freshman backfield for the Broncos?

Coach Harsin plainly states it as a high probability. With the recent history of notable Broncos running backs making their mark and consistent RB recruiting success, this shouldn’t be a surprise really.

What did first-year head Ram basketball coach Niko Medved walk into?

His first dose of coaching energy was spent convincing his two top players not to leave the program. Basically, Nico Carvacho and Kris Martin felt comfortable enough and trusted Medved, though it probably took more thought to convince Carvacho than Martin. In any case, coach Medved has great pieces to work with for his rebuild.

6’8” freshman Ed Chang rounds out a formidable incoming Aztec class

The incoming Aztec freshman joins another friend from Sudan and two others from Ghana who’ve already committed. It amounts to be the longest, most athletic freshman class in the nation.