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MWCConnection: A Look Ahead

A teaser post about what to expect this summer and fall.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Summer can be known as the dead time for college sports blogs. With no sports currently being played, content can sometimes be hard to come by. We can’t all be OBNUG and have this amazing roster number countdown series (seriously though, OBNUG is full of good people and struck gold with their countdown each summer). Here at MWCConnection, we are currently providing: daily links articles, the MWC Recruiting Roundup every Monday, our MWC Roundtable once a week, our new Friday Night Lights series every Friday (obviously), and some kind of post each Wednesday. There’s also some irregular posts throughout the week.

The recruiting stuff will continue, but depending on the week can be jammed packed or not as much. The roundtable feature will go until football is back in full force and will be back again next off-season. The Friday look at high school football programs plans to run at least until the end of October. Also, the Wednesday posts looking at different aspects of college football, the MWC, or specific aspects of teams will continue each week and will begin to feature different writers as ideas and creativity allow.

As mentioned above, the plan for this Wednesday will instead be featured Thursday or Friday as life gets in the way. However, this allows a chance to hit to stop and take a look at what is coming in the not too distant future. Starting at the end of July, we will “start our season” so to speak, as we officially kick off football season.

The 2018 Mountain West Media will take place July 24th and 25th (Tuesday and Wednesday). During those days, preseason predictions are usually announced. Here at MWCConnection, we will unveil our own predictions and try to beat them to the punch by posting a day or two before. This will include:

  • Our team will vote on division winners as well as who we think will win the MWC Championship.
  • The All-MWCConnection pre-season team (probably 1st and 2nd teams)
  • Our picks for OPOY, DPOY, COY, and probably a few more.

Also, we have a “beat writer” covering each of the 12 teams in the Mountain West Conference. Sometime around the start of fall camps, either before or after, we will feature a preview of each team for the 2018 season.

During August, look for fall camp updates from teams as position battles, injuries, and true freshmen earning a role will be revealed.

Our first weekly power rankings will come out sometime before the Week 0 game between Hawaii and Colorado State. Game previews and recaps for teams will occur during the season in various ways as our team gets creative.

The Wednesday articles have quite a few interesting things in the works. Look for some interviews with different members of school programs, as well as some closer looks at some trends going on in the game, or our thoughts on the major news in the MWC or college football that week. There may be a few other things for different types of articles to provide well-rounded coverage.

Hopefully you find what’s on the agenda to your liking. And although that is all 6 weeks away from starting, there is still some solid content coming your way between now and then. Thanks for being part of the road so far and look forward to see you on the road ahead.

Your turn: Is there any additional content you would like to see this summer or when things ramp up during football season? If you have an idea, feel free to post it in the comment section below.