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Mountaintop View 6-12-18

Basketball schedule, bowl updates, and Allie is very fast!

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday everyone! News is certainly starting to heat up as summer is in full force. Today brings some T&F updates from the weekend, plus some of the big news from yesterday. The Mountain West announced the basketball schedules and there’s more bowl update rumors. (Things aren’t looking good for the MWC).

Take a look at the MWC basketball schedules.

Really just click the link and go find your team. It goes without saying there are some interesting matchups and since there is the uneven schedule, see which teams get a break or will have a tougher time.

SBNation takes a look at the best games of week 1.

They rank games 1-92. Boise State vs Troy is #5 and is tabbed the best Group of 5 non AAC matchup of the year (I guess that’s a thing?). Colorado State vs Colorado gets #9 for a big rivalry game, Washington State vs Wyoming is 10th, and the Stanford/SDSU rematch is #11. 3 in the top 11 for the MWC is a really good week!

Boise State’s Ostrander becomes two-time champ.

Redshirt sophomore Allie Ostrander of Boise State is fast. Very fast. She won her 2nd career 3,000 meter steeplechase this weekend in two attempts. The second place person finished 6 seconds behind her. History in the making over in Idaho.

Feel good story of the week: Kim Norvell.

I have to be honest. I can’t read the story because I reached my limit of free stories for the month. That’s what happens with all the Nevada news from last week. However, I have no doubt Kim Norvell (wife of head football coach Jay) is an amazing woman. You all will just have to tell me why.

Bowl realignment could leave MWC in a tight spot.

You may have to scroll down a few posts depending on when you read this, but Brett McMurphy (seriously, how has no one hired this man?) is on the case. He reports Vegas is “very likely” replacing the MWC with the SEC, discusses a new AAC Bowl in Chicago (maybe I’ll go), and another that could feature the Conference USA, which would set up that conference pulling out of another MWC tie-in, the Arizona Bowl. He also says a 3rd potential new bowl could feature the MWC. Get your scorecard out and hope the MWC can pull something together after losing their best bowl.

On the horizon:

  • From yesterday: The Coach put out the way too early MWC basketball rankings for next season.
  • Coming Wednesday: Some thoughts on the Vegas Bowl and the MWC.
  • Coming Friday: The MWC Roundtable debates whether the MWC or AAC is the best Group of 5 conference.