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Mountaintop View 5-30-18

A swimming pool, salary cap for coaches, and map of all the high school football talent.

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hump day already. Here are a few mid-week links from around the conference and a few interesting off-season discussion type of articles.

Where is the football talent coming from?

A look into the top high schools at producing college football talent from 2004 to 2017. St Thomas Aquinas in Florida was far and away the leader with 130 athletes. Florida was the top producing state overall as well, with 27 high schools that had at least 30 FBS signees. Then Texas second and Georgia third. California and Ohio found out the top 5, and other prominent high schools such as De Soto (TX) and Long Beach Poly (CA) make the list.

Spartans building an aquatic center.

$130 million is being put into this project and will serve men’s and women’s water polo, women’s swimming and diving and the general student body. This will give them a center on campus, as opposed to their current situation. It is expected to be completed spring of 2019.

Eval of Nevada commit Jordan Brown.

His prep coach, Bill McKnight, explains he excels in the low post and is improving his perimeter game. He also touches on how the prep school prepared him to be ready and how they strived to develop his all-around game in the past year.

A proposal for salary caps among coaches.

From SBNation’s main site, the off-season articles continue. In something that will almost never happen, they propose a cap on salaries for coaches. The main argument would be it would prevent rising star coaches from leaving mid-major or non blue-blood programs for more money, thus helping those schools claim their stake in the college football world. It would also decrease the “consultant” coaches that big money teams seem to fill up on.

On the horizon:

  • Later today: A look back at the MWC in the 2017-2018 athletic calendar.
  • Thursday: The final look at the Boise State 2014 Recruiting Class, examining the DBs.
  • Friday: The first in the Friday Night Lights series. We will take a look at Mayfair HS, courtesy of head coach Derek Bedell.