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Mountaintop View 5/3/18

Aztec-Cougars, NFL draftless, $2M to the Aggies

San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs, Kawhi Leonard v Sacramento Kings, Jimmer Fredette
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Aztec basketball renews series with the BYU Cougars

It’s been nearly seven years since they last met; back when Kawhi Leonard spent two seasons with the Aztecs in some great battles with BYU and Jimmer Fredette.

Fresno’s NFL draftless streak continues

After the historic season and with the 2018 draft out of the way, the Bulldogs still haven’t had a player drafted since 2015.

Hawaii went without an NFL draftee as well

Former Rainbow Warrior, Hercules Mata’afa, was expected to make it in the second or third day. Hercules is a UDFA with the Vikings.

In 2022, the Aggies will get almost $2M to play Alabama on their home turf

$1.91M, to be exact, is in the top three payouts in NCAA history for a visiting team. Assuming Saban’s still around, the Crimson Tide should be expected to be heavily favored...four years from now.