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Mountaintop View - Memorial Day

Aztecs to Omaha, Sweet Caroline, Top-10 defenses, When the WAC exploded

NCAA Basketball: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

For many, Memorial Day marks the start of summer, but it is a day of solemn remembrance to those in the armed forces who served our country and did not come back.

Aztec baseball captures MWC title again!

The Aztecs steamrolled over UNLV to win their 5th conference title in six years. Their path to Omaha should be decided later today.

Mountain West football with two of the top-ten defenses?

Bleacher Report has its top-ten expected defenses, which included the usual suspects, but it might be missing a few like San Diego, Washington, Florida, etc. So, with Boise and Wyoming at #8 & #10, respectively, there’s bound to be critics, but nonetheless, it’s great to be recognized.


A couple days ago, Nevada’s Jordan Caroline announced he’d come back for his senior year after testing the NBA waters. He shared some personal insight, as he made the NBA rounds and the Nevada community embraces his return awesomely!

The MWC expansion debate

Our writers and contributors can get into some lively debates on MWC expansion. 20 years ago there was a short, bright constellation - the 16-team WAC - it died gloriously. This article is a nice summary of those dynamics and why some are so vehemently against this happening again today.

Every parent and their child-athlete thinks this

As parents of talented student-athletes most always have some visions of grandeur for their kid, Jhasmin Player was a big contributor with Baylor’s women’s basketball team, when her mom did the unthinkable by talking to her head coach. She painstakingly describes her experience and offers great advice for parents thinking of approaching their coaches.