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Mountaintop View 5-25-18

Colorado State v Nevada Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

It’s FRIDAY!!! Even better, it’s the Friday of a holiday weekend. Mountain West Conference news is still flowing around the internet and we have you covered as you inch closer to your weekend. Plus, at the bottom you’ll find a teaser on a new series starting June 1st, one week from today.

The Athlon All-MWC teams are out!

Spoiler: There are a TON of MWC players on this list. As stated in other posts, these lists are more of a fun conversation starter rather than the end all be all of the proper ranking of positions in the conference. Our all-MWC lists are the only ones that matter anyway. But look for your favorite players, see how many from your team were represented and comment on who was snubbed or ranked poorly.

The OBNUG countdown: A tradition unlike any other.

Our friends over at OBNUG (seriously, some really cool guys) do a roster number countdown every year, starting when there are 100 days until the first game of the season. It helps you learn a bit about the players on the team and I kid you not, it makes the off-season go much faster through the summer. I’m serious, it’s like magic, even if you aren’t a Boise State fan.

FBI Agent taking a few too many perks from the NCAA MBB scandal.

Whoops! After making a huge splash with corruption and illegal payments going on in college basketball (shocking right?), it has now been revealed that one of the FBI agents handling the case has been “accused of misappropriating investigative funds” which is fancy talk for gambling and spending a bit too much company money on things for himself. Guessing it’s a bit more than taking pens from the office.

The Wolf Pack getting it done in the classroom...

Nevada is taking care of academics in historic fashion. 8 of the school’s 15 sports programs scored a perfect 1000 in their 2016-2017 Academic Progress Report (APR), including football and men’s basketball. That feat of FB and MBB has only been done 10 times before and never by a Group of 5 school. Congrats to the Wolf Pack

But not so much for the Rams...

On the horizon:

  • Coming next Friday: A new series called Friday Night Lights. Each Friday we will be highlighting a different high school football program from different areas where MWC teams (and many other teams) recruit players. It should be a fun look at some high schools people may know and some that are a bit more under the radar.