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Mountaintop View 5/24/18

Falcons, Cowboys & Aztecs

Falcons coach well-believes in Mountain West basketball’s future

Air Force’s coach Pilipovich is one of the longest tenured coaches in the Mountain West, who sees the signs of a bright future for the conference and a near-future revisit on Gonazaga.

Wyoming Football media exposure valuation

Last week’s mention of Adidas outfitting Wyoming athletics based on just metrics from Josh Allen’s senior season seemed a bit shallow, but this research shows Cowboy football valuation in much better and bigger detail.

San Diego State did its diligence and keeps their moniker...for now

It’s amazing what a small minority of people with loud enough voices can do to make a university expend significant resources to keep their identity. SDSU interim president, Sally Roush, and her team did a great job, but did concede some changes to the warrior mascot activities in the name of cultural sensitivity.