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Mountaintop View 5-23-18

Hump day links

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NCAA Football: Boise State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Happy hump day! It’s the middle of the week and here is a bit of what is going on around the conference and college football in general.

The latest over in New Mexico.

An audit has found that the New Mexico athletic department “has conducted financial business and operations in an informal manner that elevates the risk for mistakes and improper behavior.” What does this mean? Short answer: nothing good. Long answer: The athletic department has been a bit of a mess for awhile with scandals and budget issues and this is just bringing more light to that. To save themselves, now they need to learn from it and take action to correct it.

A look at the rate of high profile QBs transferring.

This is a growing issue across positions in college football, but as always, the QB is in the spotlight. 4 and 5 star QBs will commit to a school, get beat out for the starting spot by other 4 and 5 star QBs and then transfer to a school where the path to playing time may be a bit more open. 5 of the last 8 5-star QBs have transferred. This article spins it as embracing competition and their value rather than running from it.

The top 25 best coaches in college football.

Rocky Long follows up his pick as top coach in the MWC last week with landing in the the top 25 in all of CFB at #23. The Athletic calls his program the “Wisconsin of the West” with their ability to develop running backs. Former Boise State coach Chris Petersen is #4.

The feel good story of the day.

You see this around different schools, but this article highlights Boise State. Two young boys (one who is battling cancer and another who had surgery to help a brain malformation) got to be Broncos For a Day and the impact was mutual for both parties. The boys lined up on the field, called plays, and scored touchdowns while being cheered on. They also spoke about toughness to the team. The players and coaches interviewed said it was something they will remember for the rest of their lives as well.

When does the 100 day countdown for the season really start?

If you go on the internet (and if you’re reading this, then you do), you will notice that 100 countdowns until the college football season are popping up everywhere. But many of them are different. Some are 100 days until the first game, or 100 days until the first Saturday, or 100 days until a certain team starts playing. Of course, if we are counting Week 0, then it’s a different number all together. But countdowns are starting!

On the horizon:

  • Later today: Read about some recruits being courted by Mountain West schools and where they are at in their process.
  • Thursday: Casey and Mike head over to OBNUG
  • End of the week: Our round-table discusses if Fresno State will be a one-year wonder or in year-one of a great stretch as they enter the 2018 season.