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2019 Recruiting Check-In 5-23-18

A look into some recruits being pursued by Mountain West teams.

Mountain West Championship - Air Force v San Diego State Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

About once a month or so (or in this case, back to back weeks), we will try to do this kind of feature. The aim is to provide a look into the recruiting of some of the players getting a lot of interest from Mountain West Conference schools. There’s no guarantee they will end up at a MWC school, but it’s still worth checking in on them and getting a feel for where they are at in the process.

OL Brayden Rohme

“I have offers from Oregon, Oregon State, ASU, Iowa State, San Jose State, Boise State, Nevada, Syracuse, UCF, and NAU (Cal and SDSU have offered since we spoke as well). For Boise State and SJSU, I think both of their O-line coaches are amazing. My dad has actually known Coach Bernardi ever since he was a little kid because my dad was coached by Bernardi’s dad at UCLA. Coach Bedell is awesome and I have developed a good relationship with both of them. I haven’t visited either of these schools but I have been in the Bay Area and I love it there! After school and finals are over, I’m going to try to figure out camps and all that. I’m gonna try to get out to as many places as I can. No really timetable on commitment right now. As a player, I would say I’m fast and very physical, love to finish plays. I want to get better at bringing my hips into blocks.”

OL Cade Briggs

“I have four offers right now. They are Army, Tulane University, the University of Hawaii, and the Air Force Academy. I have a few connections; my Grandpa flew his whole life and served in the Army so Air Force was a cool offer to follow in my Grandpas footsteps. Hawaii was a huge offer, my strength and conditioning coach went there and he really got me talking to them. Tulane was a huge offer for me it was my first and to have a coach reach out to me across the country was awesome. I’m from Cali so I’m interested in the PAC12 schools also and have heard from Cal, which I’m visiting this weekend, and UCLA. I’d like to take some visits this summer like UCLA and Arizona State. Right now I don’t have anything in mind after that.”

TE Cam Sanders

“I’m from Crescent Valley High in Corvallis Oregon. Right now I have offers from Portland State and Air Force. Portland State is really close to home and I like the coaches and their offense. And at Air Force, that’s a really good education and opportunity to set me up in life while playing for a good team too. A lot of coaches that I’ve talked to say they like that I play tough and like to hit. Plus, every coach has been super nice and helpful in telling me about their school and opening up their doors to stuff besides questions about football, which is good. I’ll for sure be going to the Oregon State camp and NW showcase in Portland since those are right here. Also, I should be going out to the Midwest to visit some of the MAC Schools, go to Ball State and Miami OH. In a school I am looking for a place with unity between all of the players and the coaches. A place that is a tight bind that’s like family and a team that will let me use my versatility to flex out on the field and make plays.”

DB Alex Austin

“I have offers from Montana State, Utah State, and Hawaii. I like the coaching staff at Hawaii. I haven’t visited yet but the DB coach, Coach Abe is on me tough. And with Utah State I like the relationship with me and Coach Brown, he keeps it 100 with you and I respect that. I will definitely be going to visit both schools!l I plan to visit during their season hopefully for an official visit. But I also want to try and take an unofficial to Utah State sometime this summer, late June or early July. I really like that the coaches do a good job keeping in touch with me on a weekly basis, sending mail, and staying consistent with everything. In a school I’m looking for a few things. A good education is number 1! Also somewhere I know I will be able to fit the program. And to be able to play early is a big thing for me as well!”

CB Dominic Tatum

“I have three offers Montana State, Nevada, and Hawaii. What I like about Montana State is that when I was younger I used to go to my dad’s games when he played arena football down there. I loved the culture down there and and how welcoming they were. What I like about Nevada was when I went to my first Nevada game it was against Boise State in 2010 when they beat them so they wouldn’t go to the BCS championship. I liked the environment and the way they play football hard, tough, and physical which that’s my type of football. What I like about Hawaii is when they played my big cousin Titus Young which he played at Boise State that’s was my first game in Hawaii which I loved the feeling out there and how there football team is operated. Right now I plan on taking a unofficial visits to Nevada, Michigan, and Michigan State. The camps I plan on going to is the UCS camp, Ucla Camp, and the Sound mind sound body camp in Michigan. As for what I’m looking for in a school, I would say: working together as a team, everybody on the team having the same goal, and good academics.”

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