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Mountaintop View 5-21-18

Monday morning links are here!

NCAA Football: Georgia State at Air Force Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Rise and shine everyone, Monday links are hear for your reading pleasure. This weekend brought some baseball and softball updates, as well as some football and basketball related news.

LB Harmon faithfully finds San Jose through a difficult path.

The story of Kyle Harmon committing to Cal and now feeling comfortable and driven at San Jose State is a good example of choosing a school usually should involve more factors than just committing to one’s best offer. Harmon didn’t seem to enjoy the academic or campus life side, which followed him to the field as well. He seems to be on a better path now, both in his person life as well as the athletic part of his life.

Trading one ball for another has led to a potential NFL career.

Jason Sanders had a dream of being a D1 soccer player. But when it came time to sign, his only offer was from New Mexico in football. He turned a successful college career into becoming an NFL draft pick and just signed a four year contract with the Miami Dolphins. Pretty good for a high school soccer player.

Wolf Pack win MWC regular season baseball title.

Nevada defeated San Diego State on Friday to capture the regular season conference championship. It’s their second such feat in the past four seasons. They will be the top seed in the conference tourney starting this week. On the other side...

Broncos softball lose two over the weekend, get bounced from NCAA tourney.

The Broncos lost to both Washington and Minnesota, a difficult two-game stretch for the first-time tourney competitors. The scoreboard didn’t tell the whole story in their game, as Boise State was right in both games for most of them. Tons of walks and an inability to get a big hit doomed them however. Still, it was quite a run for the Broncos this season.

Rumored update to the Hutchison story:

On the horizon:

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  • Later today: Our weekly recruiting roundup, featuring quotes from the new Aztecs commit.
  • This Wednesday: We check in with another batch of 2019 recruits, hearing where they are at in their process.